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Claire Abbott Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Disappearance, where is she now?

Claire Abbott used to be one of the famous Instagram influencers. She ruled the Instagram back in 2014 when Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez were quite little less active on the rising platform. Like many other Instagram models, Claire Abbott is still famous until this date for her charismatic. You might have seen her pictures all around the internet. She was famous for her fit body and vibrant fashion styles.

But you would not believe that Claire removed her Instagram account back in 2017 continue reading the article to know the real reason revealed.
Birth NameClaire Abbott
Age20 years old ( January 22nd, 1998)
Net WorthNot known
Height1.65 m

Claire Abbott Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education)

Claire Abbott was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. she used to be a regular Instagram user sharing her personal life moments on the application. she was blooming on Instagram when the beauties like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner were quite unknown on the platform. The simple girl attracted a lot of attention because of her impressive body.

Claire was a cheerleader in her school. She was quite popular in her school as well.

However, Her personal life is fully private. She does not roam around with her camera anymore. Read below what happened to her.

Claire Abbott’s Personal life:

What happened to, Claire Abbott? A lot of people asked this question when the beautiful influencer took a break from all of her of social media accounts including her famous Instagram account as well back in 2017.

Many people contacted the famous influencer for her thoughts and reason to which she replied that she wants to focus on her career as a Singer that why she has taken a break from her social media life.

However, millions of people and her fans are still waiting for her to active her Instagram account so they can connect with the Canadian beauty.

rumors started to go around that the influencer is dead but this is not true, she is healthy and happy and looking forward to releasing something soon to launch herself as a successful singer.

She dated Dan Bilzerian, a famous playboy who hangouts with every good looking models. Rumors says that both of them dated each other back in 2015.

Claire Abbotts Career

Claire Abbott starting doing influencing back in 2015. At that time, she did not know that she will become that much famous. After becoming famous she graduated her high school impressively.

She started her own youtube channel which gained more than 300,000 subs on Youtube. She used to post her original songs there as well. She did a huge amount of covers of famous songs gaining love and support from her fans all around the world.

She used to do paid promotions on Instagram as well before the deactivation of her account in 2017.

She will return to her old famous life once she is done with her album and music and we can not wait anymore for it.

She also gained a lot of money from her famous monetized youtube videos where thousands showed lover dor her passion for singing.

Claire Abbot’s Net Worth:

Claire Abbott earned whooping 1 million dollars from her monetized Youtube videos and pad promotion on Instagram. Today many models are gaining more than millions because of the platform. If Claire Abbott returns back to her old famous lifestyle she will gain more than 1 million dollars.

We hope that Claire will soon return with her music projects she is been working on with her whole heart and passion.

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