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We all have heard about people that are born with a silver spoon in the mouth, people that were either born into the success or later brought into the light by the success of their parents. Among these is the son of famous veteran Actor Harrison Ford, Willard Ford.

Willard, unlike his father, did not rise to the same level of popularity and neither he wanted to, of course, no one can reach the level of Popularity of the star of Indiana Jones and Star Wars but his son did not even try to and instead led a happy average life away from the cameras and unwanted attention. 

Willard Ford Biography (Early Life, Family, Education)

Willard Ford was born under the star sign of Taurus on May 14th, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, state of the USA. Willard was born to father Harrison Ford and mother Mary Marquardt. When Willard was born, Harrison Ford was still struggling with his career and was far off the path, so he decided to start working as a professional carpenter to support his children, until after 1977, when he was finally given the role of Hans Solo in the super hit franchise of Star Wars.

willard ford family

Willard might have had it a little tough at the start but it sure got much easier later on. Willard has an elder brother, Benjamin Ford a.k.a Ben Ford, who unlike Willard, did try his luck in Hollywood but it didn’t work out and he later became a professional chef-restaurateur.

Willard Ford Personal Life

Willard was in graduate school in an education program in San Francisco State after he got his undergraduate from U.C. Santa Cruz and he dropped out of the program to go back home and take care of his mother.

Willard Ford also has two children of his own, Son, Eliel Ford and Daughter, Guiliana Ford. Other than that, Willard has three younger step-siblings, including Malcolm Ford who is an American vocalist and guitarist presently affiliated with the alternative/indie band ‘The Dough Rollers’, Liam Flockhart the adoptive son of American actress Calista Kay Flockhart with Harrison Ford and Georgia Ford, an American actress known for her roles in the 2015 crime drama ‘True Story’ and the short film ‘The Visitor’.

Willard Ford Career Beginnings

Willard like his elder brother Benjamin also chose not to follow in their father’s footsteps. He is a proud owner of a sports gymnasium and also owns a clothing company. Since Harrison, was an expert with designs and had also worked as a professional carpenter, Willard also learned the love for design and craftsmanship from his dad and now runs a successful furniture gallery. Willard not only founded the sports gymnasium but is also a self-described “Assistant Assistant Coach” who helps with all classes as well as organizes the coaching staff, and general gym schedule and activities.

Willard Ford bought the building in 1999 and worked long and hard to create his ideal martial arts academy and so he did, which according to him was his lifelong dream. He has also been labeled as the most knowledgeable MMA Nerd, which is high praise.  Willard started in traditional martial arts but took up “western-style” wrestling, boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) over 20 years ago. While jumping from one job to another, after graduation, Willard also started a business of taking people on adventure tours to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

In 2005, Willard also started a furniture and accessories showroom, for which he would import from overseas in the start, but later as they progressed, they became exclusive agents who’d sell articles directly from the manufacturer to other showrooms.

It is a well appreciated and known fact that Willard transformed the LA’s former abandoned Kim Sing picture house into a home and gallery. Originally in collaboration with the designer John Brady, and then later partnered up with Andrea Ching.

After a huge success, Willard sold it to a Silver-Lake based company, Indra & Co. for $3.3 million.

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