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James Charles Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family Scandal, Girlfriend

James Charles is one of the famous names in Youtube industry. He was born on May 23, 1999, in Bethlehem, New York. The Youtube community is increasing day by day. James has gained a lot of love from fans and people all around the globe because of his incredible talent. He mostly creates videos based on Makeup and has a makeup line of his own as well. James Charles is only 20 years old. James is incredible to makeup artist and has more than 15.8m followers on his Instagram account.

However, he has been part of many scandals in recent years. When you are as famous as James you can not escape the fate of rumors and speculations.

If you want to know about James Charles Bio and wiki an about his recent scandals and speculations then keep reading the article.

James Charles Biography ( Early life, Education and Family)

James Charles spent his early years in Bethlehem, New York. He moved to California to make his career. He is super cool with his parents and they are very proud of James.

James Charles also went to Bethlehem Central High School. According to him, he was bullied there as well because of his interest in Makeup and his sexuality did not help him either. James was only 17 years old when he started his Youtube channel and gained more than 1 million subscribers in the start. He started his career back in 2015.

James Charles Career Highlights

In 2017, Charles walked the runway for MarcoMarco’Six 1/2 collection during Los Angles Fashion Week. In 2018, Charles collaborated with Morphe Cosmeticsto release an eyeshadow palette. In January 2019, he was also invited by the company Morphe. He was present at the big opening of the store in Birmingham where 7,000 fans were present the Youtube Personality.

In 2019, James also appeared in Iggy Azela’s music video called “Sally Walker”. He also made a video with Kylie Jenner on his Youtube channel. James mostly banks this huge sum from his YouTube channel.

James Charles Personal Life

James Charles has been part of many scandals. The Youtuber has struggled a lot in recent years overcoming the Scandals made on him. But James managed to alter it and saved himself from the career crisis. However, the biggest scandal of the year was that included the Youtuber, Tatti Westbrook.

Th all drama included Jeffre star and Shane Dawson. The drama also proved to be threating for James career as well. James lost more than 1 million subscribers in a matter of days. He lost 3 million subs at first and then after his video where he proved everybody wrong with his statements and gained his followers back immediately.

The Jeffree star also uploaded the video explaining all the drama and chaos he threatened first that he will upload a video addressing the whole matter. But Jeffree star chooses not to create harmony on the Platform.

However, James was also called a sexual predator as the guy whom he went to Coachella festival came forward and said he was harassed. However, James proved that he did not do anything that was harassing and gained the fans back. Now he is friends with Kylie Jenner, Kylie and Jeffree are revivals and definitely are not friendly with each other dividing the two forces.

James Charles Net worth

According to Sources, James Charles has a net worth of 9 million dollars. He banked all of this money through his Youtube videos and makeup pallet which also is good.

James also set up many meets and greets banking a huge amount of profit from there as well.

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