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Following the Discovery’s hit Son of the Guns series on August 27, 2014, fans were curious to find out what happened to Chris Ford and his wife, Stephanie Hayden. For Chris and Stephanie, the events that took place after the series closed were really bad. Shortly after her father William Hayden was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, he was also arrested on November 2014 for allegedly assaulting minors with Chris. Stephanie was convicted of child abuse and companionship.

Kris Ford Bio

Chris is an American actor and an American citizen. He is a character in a reality show with his wife and others on the Discovery television series ‘Son the Ain’. He was accompanied by William Hayden, who offered him an internship at the Red Jacket Frames LLC, where he developed his skills in weapons manufacturing.

Early Life & Childhood

Kris was born November 8, 1982, to father Gary Ford, a firearms shop owner. Chris spent his entire life with weapons, though he was trained by William Hayden but from his youth, he was engaged in guns production.

Kris Fords Personal Life

Chris grew up with his brothers and sisters, but then met Stephanie Hayden, whom he became friendly with, and they started dating and tied their knot on 2011. His meeting with Stephanie introduced him to her father. Her father taught him how you can make guns . He was married to Stephanie and the couple had two kids together.

Kris Fords Career

His career began with the care of the floor and the run of William Hayden at the Red Jacket Films LLC when he became a student in the arms business. In 2011, he made a break when he played the reality show “Sons of Guns” with the Red Jacket Firms LLC.

The show airs on Discovery Channel in which he was a production director. Chris participated in five seasons of the reality show between 2011 and 2014. Although he was the star of “The Sons of Guns” at the reality show, he also played minor roles in other series, including American Chopper.

Stephanie Hayden Biography

She is the daughter of William Hayden, and her father made her a business partner, he soon told him to use the weapons, apparently from the age of five! she is not only business administrator, but also a shooting lady, her favorite weapon is suppressed AK 47.

Stephanie is not a simple and ordinary woman, and her hobbies are rock climbing, horseback riding, writing, and photography. She is in love with, Chris Ford, with whom she talks a lot, including engaging in child abuse and fighting the wrath of the law.

Kris Net Worth

Kris Ford’s Met Worth is not excessive; he spent very little time at Spotlight, which was his first major career in the RJA reality show on the Discovery Channel. As a result, in early 2019, according to approved sources,he has net worth of $500,000.

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