LilyPichu (Twitch Streamer) Biography – Facts, Net Worth, Real Name & More

If you are an internet introvert and you spend most of your time watching anime or co-related videos, then you must have heard of the early youtube and later twitch streamer, one of the internet’s sweethearts, Lily Pichu. At first, Lily looked like a nerd who people wouldn’t invite to their lunch conversations at school but then she rose above them all became internet’s cutie pie and a popular animator on Youtube with over 1.7 million subscribers.


LilyPichu Biography (Early Life, Childhood, Education)

LilyPichu was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on November 20th, 1991 in the US state of California. Her Real/Birth-name is Lily Ki, while on the internet she goes by the username of LilyPichu. She is American by nationality but her descent leads back to Korea and she is strongly rooted in her culture as evident from her content. There is little known about her family, except that she has one younger sibling, Daniel and a loving aunt back in South Korea.

Despite a troublesome childhood, Earlier she was really good at school but with time she descended to lower grades which brought upon disastrous pressure from her parents that pushed her into depression and down to an all-time-low self-esteem, But later Lily often said that her mother and father were the main reason that she followed her passion and successfully became an inspirational trendsetter and a content creator.


Lily often posted about her love for her Grandmother, On 26 December 2016, she announced that her grandmother passed away in a car accident and had the whole fanbase in tears. 

LilyPichu Personal Life – Love Life & Relationships

Lily is currently dating Albert Chang, who is also of Korean descent and an amazing musician, a Violinist to be exact. They are often spotted together on Lily’s twitch streams, and she often posts photos with him on her social profiles, mostly on Instagram.


Since her break-up with her YouTuber-boyfriend George Georgallidis, Lilypichu had kept her love life away from the media, but things changed when Albert frequented appearing on her Instagram feed and confirmed the alleged rumors of them being a couple. Later, their love was made evident by the fact that they spent their valentine day together in Taiwan.

LilyPichu Career Beginnings

At an earlier age of 4, Lily was enrolled in piano classes, somewhat against her wishes, as she wasn’t doing good at school. Later the skill grew with her but it was never her main focus. Although, she composed a whole lot of songs and mostly with her boyfriend who is also a well-known music composer.

Lily started her youtube channel on March 5th, 2006, where she posted anime and League of Legends related videos and also videos of herself playing the piano to different tunes. She later moved to Twitch for video games streaming, with 713,09 followers she stands at #419 of the most-watched overall twitch channels.

However, she still posts a variety of videos for her youtube subscribers simultaneously. She is widely known in the League of Legends communities, mostly because of her playthrough streams and guides. Her youtube content variety includes daily life vlogs, animation videos, artsy creative craftings, original music, and parody songs. She also narrated a TV Series documentary called “Did you know Anime? (2014)”, In 2016 she played the role of Noemi Watson in the anime TV series, “Chronexia and the Eight Seals”.

After being widely famous on twitch, she has also appeared on a documentary about twitch streaming known as “Living The Stream”, playing the role of herself. She has a huge following of 477k on Instagram and 387.8K on twitter, evident for her being the internet’s sweetheart. 

LilyPichu Life Facts

  • In 2016 Lily underwent a jaw surgery because of an improper bite, mouth breathing and problems with speech due to her misaligned jaw, though she also said that she wanted it for her to have normal aesthetic “smile”.
  • She is widely popular for and associated with a parody song that she uploaded of Kelis’ “My Milkshake” to her SoundCloud page called “my elo brings all the boys to the yard.”
  • Lily has a whispery, cute, calm and kind voice, which according to her self reminds her of the voice of Fluttershy from My Little Pony.
  • Lily also has a 2nd channel called LilyRaichu for “stupid” things ” and fun.
  • Standing five feet three inches tall, Lilypichu weighs around 46 Kg.

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