Timothy Olyphant’s wife Alexis Knief Wiki bio, age, net worth, career, family details

Alexis Kniefis basically the wife of the American actor Timothy Olyphant. She is an American citizen and had white ethnicity. Alexis Kniefwas born in Southern California United States of America, on 5th March 1968. So as of 2019, she is 49 years old. She was born under the zodiac sign Capricorn.

Do you want to know more about her, from her childhood to most recent works, her married life and children? Where is Alexis Knief now? Close with us and we are going to present all the details of Timothy Olyphant’s wife Alexis Knief Wiki bio, age, net worth, career.

Alexis Knief Biography (Childhood Early Life, Education)

Alexis Knief parents and siblings are not in the media’s notice may be intestinally kept a secret from the limelight. Like her family, the academic life of Alexis Kniefhas also been kept secret. However, it has been reported for various times that she went to the University Of Southern California, where she met her present husband the actor Timothy Olyphant.

Alexis Knief Married Life

Alexis Knief has been married to actor Timothy Olyphant before more than twenty years. She has been blessed with three children in 1999, 2001, and 2003. Her children include two daughters named Grace Katherine and Vivian, while her only son named Henry. AlexisKnief is living with her family in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Alexis Kniefmarital life has gone through various controversies, however, she is still married to her actor husband and enjoying her life with the family. The controversies include the wearing of a wedding ring by her husband on his right hand. The media rumored that the couple is not happy that’s why the husband is indicating it by wearing the ring on his right hand instead of the left hand.

alexis knief

The second controversy in the form of divorce rumor aroused when in 2011 her husband talked about leaving his wife while receiving the year’s Emmy Awards. Her husband talked about the separation to the TV host Conan O’Brien and regarded it as a joke. The award was not won by her husband and thus the joke remained the joke.

Despite these controversies rumors of divorce in Alexis Knief’ life, she is still married to the same husband. Her husband talked about the qualities she had which made him a good actor, good husband, and a good father. Her husband admired her height (5 feet 8 inches), intelligence, and support which has been provided to him and which contributed towards his success and balancing his work and social life as well.

Alexis Knief Career Highlights

Like the family and academic life of Alexis Knief, her career has also been kept in secret as she is not talking about her previous jobs. She became famous after marrying her famous husband. So, before the marriage life of Alexis Knief is not publically known. She is living a simple life and not the part of the limelight, therefore people don’t know much about her.

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Alexis Knief Facts

Looking into the bio, career, and marital life of Alexis Knief, it can be said that she became famous after her marriage to the famous actor American actor Timothy Olyphant. Before marriage life has not been disclosed publically, whether related to career, family, and academic or education life. Her marital life undergone divorce rumors. However, the marriage still remained and she is enjoying her family and marital life with her three kids and husband in Westwood, Los Angeles.

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