Where is Laina Morris? Check out her Net Worth, Wiki, Bio & Height

Laina Morris shocked the internet with her character Overly attached Girlfriend. On December 2013 Pop sensation Justin Bieber Encouraged fans to make Girlfriend perspective of the show on Youtube and upload the video.

She uploaded the video and got famous overnight. On Reddit, her video went viral and she gained more than 170,000 subscribers and views on the video instantly.

However, she has come so far from her Overly Attached Girlfriend days, this year she announced that she is taking a break from her highly famous Youtube career. She has more than 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.

To find out where is the Youtuber now, keep reading the article and we will disclose her information and facts and most shockingly why she left her Youtube channel. Do not forget to share the article.

Birth NameLaina Morris
Age June 22, 1991 age 28 years
Net Worth$1 million

Laina Morris Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education, Parents)

Laina Morris was born and raised in Texas, United States. She became famous because of her youtube videos. It is still not known where is her family from and from where she graduated before following her path of Youtube.

You must have seen this girl on Youtube with a creepy smile on her face and singing the version of Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend in Girlfriend perspective. It had funny lyrics and many people liked the creepy message she was sending.

Laina Morris Personal Life:

Laina Morris keeps her Personal life away from tabloid.she just stopped posting videos after 2014 and she kinda went private with her life. She stopped interacting with her fans. We hardly saw any video from her. The overly attached Girlfriend character was highly famous.

There is not much information about her private life and herself on the internet present these days. People just remember her Overly attache Girlfriend character other than that nobody knew her real name. But now her display name shows Laina.

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Recently she came forward that she is fighting with depression and anxiety. She told her followers that she wants to take a break from Youtube so she can focus on her mental health as well.

Laina Morris Career:

Laina Morris started her career from Youtube without any doubt. She has been famous for her tending girlfriend music video. She gained more than a million of followers in her career span.

Laina Morris gained 170,000 after she first uploads her overly attached Girlfriend. She also hosted the 2014 America Music Awards as well.

Laina Morris Net Worth:

Laina Morris has a net worth of 1 million dollars. She is not going to upload any more videos on her YouTube channel. She is dealing with depression and we do not know when she will come back to her channel.

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