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Who is Daithi De Nogla? Wiki Bio, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend (Jaclyn Fairchild), Real Name & Face

The life of every celebrity is not as it looks in videos etc. Daithi De Nogla is famous YouTuber and mostly known for being noisy and weird. His acting and style are what people love him. He is very famous in gaming and also he has alot of ban base on his youtube channel as well as on Instagram account. He plays games like Minecraft etc. People like his style of talking in anger.

Scroll down the article and get more about this famous gamer and live streamer on youtube, Who is Daithi De Nogla? Wiki Bio, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend (Jaclyn Fairchild), Real Name & Face. We are going to bring you closer to this famous personality.

Daithi De Nogla Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education)

Speaking about his early days of life and other childhood information, he was born on 6 July 1992 in Irland, however, most of the YouTubers are from the US but this living legend from Irland. Born and raised in Irland by his parents. According to different sources, he was very interested in videos games since childhood, his parents also supported him and bought him alot of videos games.

Regarding his family details he was born as a twin, his twin brother name is Aindreas De Nogla and they also have one sister name not revealed yet. He loves dogs and always posts the pictures.

Talking about his education and schooling he did not reveal any official statements about it however some verified record reveals that he attended County Kerry Institute of Technology, Tralee in Ireland but did not complete his education further because of busy with youtube and video games. He worked on GMOD channel

Personal life

He has an Instagram account with 2 million followers but still, he is not sharing any kind of personal details. He seems to be a private guy when it comes to personal affairs and relationships. He does not share any kind of information about his relationships, however, some sources posted that he was dating Emily, Jaclyn, and Berenice.

It seems that he is not married and not in any kind of relationship currently. He is enjoying playing games some of them are,  “Black Ops 3,” “Grand Theft Auto V,”  “Happy Wheels,”  “Call of Duty Zombies,” “Move or Die,” “Garry’s Mod,” “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Cards Against Humanity.” He is active on his social media accounts, you can check Instagram youtube and twitter account.

Daithi De Nogla Career

At the age of very young, she started playing games with his parent’s support. From then on, he was on the way of success. Soon after, he stared youtube back in 2012 and till now he has uploaded over 800,000  videos and got almost billion views.

He left his studies and focused on an online career in gaming. For this purpose, he created a channel named GMod and started uploading comedy commentary videos some times controversial videos. One of his videos earned him so much fame Zoidberg’s death uploaded back in 2014, with the help of this he was able to meet with some great personalities like Lui Calibre and Jonna Mae.

He is not only a YouTuber but also a funny commentator for peoples. People like the way of speak, the way of his expression of face etc. By the end of 2016, he managed to attract over a million subscribers who love to see and hear his voice. Along with that, he has also marked 100 leading gaming reviewers. He was also a reputable name in a singing career, all that was due to is a unique style of gaming and presenting in the form of comedy. In 2015 he wrote and released three songs “Unloved Loving,” “The Others,” and “Your Love. 🙂

Daithi De Nogla Net Worth

After starting his career professionally by making a youtube channel and started singing he was making good progress. Daithi is successful Vlogger, Youtuber as well as a singer. With over 6.7 Million subscribers he also has 2 million followers on Instagram. He has released over 1222 videos on Channel “Daithi De Nogla”  and got 1,113,724,699 views. His youtube Income is around 900$ per day and $330,000 per annum. He seems to be living a rich and healthy life. In further years he will corss 10$ Million per day 🙂

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