Who is Stupid Young (rapper), Age, Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Nationality, Merch, Wife Name

Stupid Young, American musical artist, His reliable and effective way is music. He is not only a rapper, but he also speaks of his past and present in his music over a significant time span. In the event that you need to know why his family fled to the USA, and how was his own gang involvement, at that point read further. While growing up he used to be bullied by various minority groups

Want to learn more about his family and childhood? Why his family fled to the USA. Which gang he joined to avoid bullying. We are presenting the latest details of him, Stupid Young successful career and music. Who is Stupid Young (rapper), Age, Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Nationality, Merch, Girlfriend?

Stupid Young Biography (Childhood, Family, Education)

Stupid Young, born under the name Alex Fame, is an American citizen from Cambodia. His life changed because of a story that began before his birth. In the 1970s, Colombia was under the communist government of Khmer Rouge, a tyrannical government that committed horrific genocide in the country and killed at least two million of its own citizens in rough excuses. He killed more than a quarter of the entire Cambodian population.

This situation caused huge immigration, and many Cambodians moved to California USA, where they made their community and started living together. The serious disagreements with Mexicans that were already in this zone were inevitable. Stupid Young was born 3 October 1992, the area where he born was not friendly, and was very dangerous. His father, uncle, and hir entire family constantly confronting the gangs: In an interview with Stupid Young taken by djvlad, he explained everything of his past.

As a result of the cruel and inhuman attitude of Mexicans and Americans towards Cambodian immigrants, Asian gangs emerged: “It was just to protect our race.” Young’s father was associated with Asian gangs, because of this he got introduced to many serious problems, he often stayed in prison when his son was a growing child. That did not affect the Youngs relationship with his father, his father was in jail he said that does not matter, he really loves and praises his father.

As he developed and raised into his youngsters, his father attempted to direct him away from this brutal and perilous path. And he always guided me to never join gangs, says Stupid Young.

Stupid Young Personal Life & Relationship

However, like most Asians, Stupid Young was also harassed and bullied at early ages. For this reason, at the age of 14, he joined an Asian gang, in search of protection from other dangerous gangs. Soon after he became part of various crimes and was imprisoned several times. During a nine-month prison sentence in a minor prison, he discovered his passion for rap and, after a dismissal course in prison, began to take it more seriously. Stupid Young revealed during an interview with Adam22, ‘I was 16 years old, and when I signed up for a song in jail “I didn’t know. What I did then I just kept going. I started showing the video, fighting, and it went viral.”

Married Life & Child

The Stupid Young proved if you really wanna change your way of life take a step and its never too late. Will you guys believe that a former gang member could look after his wife and child, as well as now?. Young is married ma, however, there are no details of her wife, They gave birth to a boy on January 21, 2019, Young posted a picture with his son on his Instagram profile.

Stupid Young Career Highlights

Young released his first songs in 2011 when he was 18 years old, he released For my city”, “I don’t like G-Mix” and “I’m from Long Beach”, these songs were the beginner of his career. The songs did not go popular.

Lat two years were lucky for the rapper. He ruled over the internet and got immense fame with fantastic hits like Eastside” and “On me”. “Mando, featured American Rapper Moosey, was the most famous hit of “Stupid Young”, got over 20 million views on youtube. In 2018, he also released, followed by True Story, another series with seven songs that follow his life experience. His new songs are single “Cold Nights”, and “Jungle” featuring OBreez.

Stupid Young Net Worth 2019

He is only 26 years old, and he has managed to make an impressive amount of wealth from sales and different events – different authentic sources estimated his net worth at $250,000. Stupid Young activity and progress can be monitored primarily on Instagram, and nearly 135,000 fans are already doing this, plus the presence of its YouTube channel, which has more than 100,000 subscribers, his virtual presence. He has a total of 50 million views on the channel

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