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Woah Vicky Biography – net Worth, Age, Parents, Height, Real Name

Instagram, one of the best social media platform to share ideas, activities and a lot of people rose to stardom. Instagram is making people more famous and popular, plenty of youngsters attempt to attract follower and fans by posting photos and videos. Many of them have the interesting talent to show to the world, in which their entire personality is led by one idea or one important purpose. So today we have a Young Instagrammer, age 19 years old, Woah Vicky, she is also a YouTuber.

Would you like to know more about her? Who is Woah Vicky? How much is her net worth and what is she doing now. Well, a lot of people are following her activities on Insta and Youtube. Unfortunately, her Instagram account is not accessible right now, so we have taken a tweet from her official Twitter account.

Woah Vicky Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Parents)

Woah Vicky was born on 7 May 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA, her real name is Victoria Waldrip, she is of African American descent. This fact played an important role in her famous life. According to her, she was presenting her self from an American black community, which is somewhat surprising given the light complexion of her skin and hair.

To add extra weight to this aspect of her life, she often stated that she came from Zone 6, which was one of Atlanta’s most dangerous zones because most of the prominent rapper belonged to it. In fact, her claim was rejected by Papi JJ (ex-boyfriend) he further said that she is from Buckhead and it is her real district.


Woah Vicky father name is Steve Waldrip, a local real-estate businessman, never married Vicki’s mother, Carla Johnson. She has a sister who lives in New York, but because of the age difference of over ten, they don’t have a fruitful and good relationship.

As far as her studies go, his experience is very diverse: first, she went and studied at Marietta High School and then studied at home from her father. Finally, she graduated from high school with a distance education program and earned her diploma. When Vicky was a teenager, she worked as a hostess in a restaurant, but she was active and energetic personality, she left the job.

Woah Vicky Personal Life

Right now, there are no solid sources whether she has any connection or not, but official sources said that she is currently single. In 2017 she was in a romantic relationship with Papi JJ, an Instagram star but not famous. JJ came to spotlight because of Woah Vicky, she regularly posted different photos with him and both wer also involved in different scandals. In 2018 she broke up with him saying that she cheating on her.

In addition, she and her boyfriend were arrested on February 24, 2018, at a shopping Mall in on charges of abusing, and bad attitude towards police. Both were released but the incident has led Vicky to a new height of fame. Many of her followers and friends wrote a lot of articles and made videos and they all were supporting her, #freejjNvicky.

Woah Vicky Career & Sucess

Woah Vicky became popular and famous on the Instagram community, because of her controversial activities and statements, and partly due to some important promotions she received. One more fact that is, some of the big rapper and singer helped her to expand her community like Snoop Dog and Chief Keef. On her Insta profile, she posts vulgar and bikini photos, and uploads short videos expressing her beliefs regarding some aspects of the modern, American and women’s life.

Sometimes she shows aggressive attitude, but it’s her style and the part of the image. Apart from Instagram, she started posting videos on Youtube by 2017 and now she has more than 700k subscribers. Her video “The lotion challenge” was one the viral video in which she tried to swallow the spoon of lotion. Further her other videos are also popular like  “My Ancestry Story” and “How to twerk” these videos have driven a lot of views.

Woah Vicky Net Worth

An interesting fact is how much money is added to her bank account after each public appearance. According to authentic sources her net worth is around $100,000. In addition to paid performances, she makes money on marketing and promoting various brands, mainly related to the black culture.

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