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Alaina Marie Mathers aka Amanda is an adopted daughter of Eminem, a famous rapper/Singer and a significant personality of America’s entertainment industry. Originally Alaina is a biological daughter of Dawn Scott, who was a twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife named Kimberly Anne Scott otherwise known as Kim. Alaina’s biological mother, Dawn, has passed on but she lived the worst life which forced Eminem to get the legal custody of Alaina.

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Birth NameAmanda Marie Scott
Date of BirthMay 3, 1993, in Boston, USA
Age26 years old
Father & MotherDawn Scott (Biological), Kimberly Anne Scott (Adopted), Eminem (Adopted)
Marital StatusUnmarried

Alaina Marie Mathers Biography (Childhood, Education, Early life)

Hallie was conceived on 3rd May, 1993 in Boston, the United States of America. She belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and she holds the American nationality. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Alaina is assumed to be a real daughter of Eminem but the matter of fact is she is an adopted daughter of him as her mother is unable to take care of her.

Eminem is popularly known as the “king of Rap” in an entertainment industry of America. Eminem’s Ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott had a twin sister named Dawn Scott Alain. Alaina is a biological daughter of Dawn. According to reports, Alaina’s mother Dawn Scott was living a stressed and awful life. She was inducted into drugs due to which she couldn’t even realize her responsibilities.

As far as her education is concerned so Alaina is attending the university of oakland where she is studying Public Relation as major. Apparently it has been cleared now that she is bearly interested in making the career in the entertainment industry as her father Eminem.

Alaina Marie Mathers Personal Life

When it comes to te personal life then it has to be seen that Alaina is a kind of very private person, being a daughter of celebrity father, she don’t have any social media account. Not much has been mentioned about her. She likes to keep low profile status so as to keep herself distant from media eye.

Her professional life has not been revealed yet and generally it is to be assumed that she is not currently been involved in any of the vocation. Rather her father , Eminem is enough to feed the needs of her and other daughters. However Eminem’s total assets are estimated as $190 million.

A Journey From Alaina Scott to Alaina Marie Mathers…

When Aliana was born to Dawn Scott, it was so terrible for her to identify her real father. So Dawn by all possible means tried to find out Alaina’s true father but in vain, she didn’t ever found him and in the result of it, she went into depression and stress which drag her into the arena of drug. When the circumstances got terrible, Eminem stepped up as he didn’t let Alaina’s life to endure. He at that point, legitimately embraced her as his very own little girl and totally took her care by the court’s authorization. Afterwards, in January 2016, Dawn Scott was found dead in her own house. While numerous reports gave the reason that she died because of a drug overdose.

Moreover he was not only adopted her but raised her as his own daughter. While Eminem has only one biological daughter named Hailie Jade, she too welcomed Alaina as her own sister. Eminem not only embraced Alaina but he also took the responsibility of Whitney Scott. She was a daughter of his ex-wife Kimberly’s relationship with Eric. As of now, the family has got along with each other very well. In fact, he expresses love and devotion for daughters through his songs.

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