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Canadian short story writer Alice Munro was born on 10 July 1931. In 2013 she won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Her work has been described as best of best,  especially in its tendency to move forward and backward in time. Her stories have been said to “embed more than announce, reveal more than a parade.

Alice Munro Biography (Early Life, Education & Family)

Alice Munro was born on 10 July 1931 to parents Robert Eric Laidlaw and Anne Clarke and best known for writing short stories on very topics, she is known for writing short stories and easy to read moving style. Her mother was a teacher at school and father was a poultry farmer.

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Alice is recognized as one of the most contemporary writers of fiction. In her writings and stories, she focuses on her native place, southwestern Ontario, and regularly portrays the lifestyle, culture & aspirations of the people. She started writing in her teenage and published her first writing when she was a student. Her short stories earned her many awards and achievements, her short story  ‘Dance of the Happy Shades’ was highly appreciated by readers and won her the Governor General’s Award, Canada’s highest literary prize. Despite that she is suffering from several health problems, she is still active and writing on her own.

In 1949, she took admission at the University of Ontario to learn and pursue a course in the English language. After 2 years, due to some personal affairs, she stopped her graduation and got married.

Personal Life – Relationships

Alice was beautiful and charming in her youth days, and she influenced many famous and prominent personalities like Margaret Atwood, William Trevor, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Jonathan Franzen.

In 1951, Alice was married to James Munro and the couple had four daughters together. Due to some personal issues, they were divorced in 1972. After divroce, Alice moved on and in 1976, married to a  geographer. They remained married till his death in 2013.

Alice Munro Career

In 1963, Alice and her husband started a bookstore by name Munro’s Books in Victoria. Her first short story was, ‘Dance of the Happy Shades’ was published in 1968. It spread widely and received appreciation from readers and won the 1968 Governor General’s Award for English Fiction. Later, in 1971, she published a novel in which feminist ideas were discussed in Lives of Girls and Women.

After getting the divorce she returned to Ontario and became a writer in Ontario. After 3 years, she published two short story books, titled, ‘Something I’ve been meaning to tell you.’ It also included the short story, ‘How I Met My Husband.’

During the 1980-90’s she followed a pattern of publishing books, one book every 4 years, Her book ‘The Moons of Jupiter’ was published in 1982. It included stories like ‘Dulse’, ‘The Turkey Season’ and ‘Accident.’

In 1986, she turned out with an award-winning book ‘The Progress of Love’, with ‘Friend of my Youth’ in 1990 which had stories like ‘Friend of My Youth’ and ‘Five Points.’

In 1990, she wrote 2 more books name: ‘Open Secrets’ (1994) and ‘The Love of a Good Woman’ (1998). This book includes themes of Love, Hate and Betrayal.

Alice book, named ‘Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage’ was published in 1990 and is very popular. The story, ‘The Bear Came over the Mountain’ was made into a film titled ‘Away from Her’ in 2006. That movie was directed by Sarah Polley.

She published the collection of short stories in2004, ‘Runaway’ has eight stories each book is about woman’s relationship and emotions. Alice published biographies and historical books named ‘The View from Castle Rock’ in 2006. In the first part of the book is about, the Laidlaw family tree which started from the 18th century and the other second part contains the life of the author.

Alice Munro most recent books are ‘Too Much Happiness’ (2009) and ‘Dear Life’ (2012).

Stories By Alice Munro

Here is the list of some Short Stories By Alice Munro.

“Boys and Girls,” 1968
“Queenie,” London Review of Books, 1998
“The Bear Came Over the Mountain,” The New Yorker, 1999
“What Is Remembered,” The New Yorker, 2001
“Runaway,” The New Yorker, 2003
“Passion,” The New Yorker, 2004
“Chance,” The New Yorker, 2004
“Soon,” The New Yorker, 2004
“Silence,” The New Yorker, 2004
“The View from Castle Rock,” The New Yorker, 2005
“Wenlock Edge,” The New Yorker, 2005
“Dimension,” The New Yorker, 2006
“Voices,” The Telegraph, 2013

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