Alicia Keys Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Parents, Height, Education, Awards & Achievements

American musician, singer, and songwriter Alicia Keys was born on born January 25, 1981, she is now 38 years old. Her full name is Alicia Augello Cook but she is famously known as Alicia Keys. She worked on many projects and most well known, The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003) ,  “You Don’t Know My Name”, “If I Ain’t Got You”, and “Diary”, these albums sold over 8 million copies.

Do you want to know more about Alicia Keys, her Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Parents, Height, Education, Awards & Achievements, This article will give every minor insight into the life of famous Singer and Songwriter Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys Biography (Early Life, Childhood, Education)

Born, Alicia Augello Cook on January 25, 1981 in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York. Her mother is of Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish descent, while her father is African American. Her mother who was a part-time actress raised her alone. Her mother encouraged her daughter’s education in the arts.

Alicia Keys graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School when she was sixteen. After graduation, she simultaneously signed with Columbia Records and was accepted into Columbia University. She chose to pursue music and dropped out.

Alicia Keys Personal Life & Relationships

In 2010 Alicia was married to Swizz Beatz an American hip-hop artist and the couple have 2 kids together.

They both met each other through a friend, one of friend of both of them made relationships in between them, Alicia told that when she met with Swizz she was 16 years old and he was 17 years old.

Alicia Keys has 2 kids. Her first son name is Egypt Daoud Dean, who was born in October 2010. While her second son name, Genesis Ali Dean, was born December 2014

Alicia Keys Career

Alicia made great appearances in movies and TV Shows, she appeared as Maria (credited as Alicia Cook) in an American TV Sitcom, The Cosby Show 1985, After many years, she showed up P3 VIP Patron (uncredited) in Ameican Fantasy Drama Series Charmed 2001. In the same year, she guest appeared in Ameican Night Live SHow Saturday Night Live.

From 2004 to 2019 she made many TV Shows, Films and Movies, including Sesame Street appeared as Alicia, MTV Unplugged appeared as a performer, in an Ameican TV Comedy Series The Backyardigans ave her Mommy Martian (voice).

Most recently in 2019, she was the Executive producer of Crime Comedy Movie The Hustle. She was also the host of 61st Annual Grammy Awards

Keys has also branched outside the scope of entertainment to use her celebrity to bring awareness to social and global issues. She is the ambassador for her co-founded charity, Keep a Child Alive. It is a non-profit HIV/AIDS organization that provides medication to those families living with the virus or disease in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and India.

Alicia Keys Net Worth 2019

After starting a career professionally in acting, singing and as a musician, she was on the way of making good wealth. Since then she was active in the Songwriting, singing, movie producing. Have you ever thought how much net worth of Alicia Keys gathered?

Alicia made great progress throughout her career, according to celebrity net worth, from her career she has total Net Worth of about $70 million which is impressive, This enough for him to live a lavish and comfortable life.

Alicia Keys Body Appearance, Diet, Health & Wellness

The singer and songwriter is no stranger to curves. She is known for her womanly body with wide hips and thick thighs. She even told Ebony magazine in 2004 that, “I’m happy that I’m not super skinny … I’m not ashamed of what I am and that I have curves and that I’m think.”

Six weeks after having her son the star revealed a healthy but more slimmed down body. Keys admitted to working out “five days a week” with Harley Pasternak. Pasternak, celebrity trainer, is also the creator of the 5-Factor Diet Program which Keys also used to loose her pregnancy weight. Keys has admitted to continuing to use the 5-Factor Program.

The superstar admitted to OK! Magazine that her food weakness is, “warm soft bread” calling it her “indulgence.” Keys has an intolerance to dairy, limiting her food choices. She also revealed in the interview that she loves making fresh almond milk, spinach, grilled fish, and aloe vera drinks.

Keys admits to being a healthy eater in general, and says you would never catch her eating fast food. She shared with Oprah in an interview that she watched a documentary called Food Inc., which changed the way she saw fast food.

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