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Allie X is a Canadian singer. She is 30 years old and she is been making Music for a quite while now. However, you must have heard the reprise version of a hit song of the movie “Sierra Burgess Is loser” Sunflower. The song became a hit. She did the reprise version and it is also played during the credits of the movie.

But if you like the Singer Allie X and want to know about some fact regarding the Canadian beauty and singer then keep reading the article.

The singer has a love for photography and fashion as well.

Birth NameAlexandra Ashely Hughes
Age31 July 1985 (age 33)
Net Worth$4 Million
EducationEtobicoke School of the Arts
Interlochen Arts Academy
Sheridan College

Allie X Biography ( Early life, Education and Family)

Allie X was originally born and raised in Ontario Canada. She continued her music career back in the 2000s. Her family has been supportive of her passion for music. However, the beautiful singer moved to America for a better career opportunities.

The singer has a very soulful quality in her music. Her love for passion has also been a point on which she gains a lot of desire from her fans all around the world. Her music is quite inspiring and well known that Celebrity like Katy Perry could not even keep her opinion about her music to herself and shared her thoughts about her music online.

Allie X Personal Life:

Allie keeps her personal life away from public eyes as much as she can do. She wants to be known for her music and artistry, not because of her scandals. She doesn’t share so much about her family and personal affairs on the internet.

She is all about her music and she also graduated from the following schools to enhance her skill and talent

Etobicoke School of the Arts
Interlochen Arts Academy
Sheridan College

To her improving her skills is more important. She is also an activist and speaks for different matters as well. She speaks for the LGBT community and for women rights as well.

Allie X career:

Allie x started her career under the name of Allie Hughes. At the very beginning of her career, she was interested in Rock, indie pop. She also released the very first album” waiting for the prize”. She releases her second album as Allie Hughes back in 2009. She also released her third album named Allie Hughes x, Andra, back in 2010 which was fully distributed.

She was not happy and satisfied with her current situating music path so.she decided to go to Los Angles to become.something and to take her music to another level. She released her debut single named ” Catch” which did well on the billboard top charts as well.

She became much more famous and prominent when she ended her voice for Sierra Burgess is a loser soundtrack. “Sunflower” the reprised version was used for credits.

Allie X Net Worth

Allie made great progress in her life and a lead singer ad YouTuber. From mid of 200s, she started her career officially and now the biggest singer made over 30+ albums. According to a source Allie X has a net worth of 50 million dollars. The income came from her music career.

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