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Amiri King is one of the famous YouTube personalities with an overall net worth of $150,000. The 39-year-old self-launched YouTube personality has made a lot of videos related to cars and parodies. The name of his YouTube channel is RoyalMediaMafia and the videos are hilarious to watch.

There are a lot o fan followers for Amiri and he has also acted in several movies as a co-star. The famous YouTube artist was born in the United States of America in the year 1979 on 10th July. His original name was Tony Donovan Schork but he renamed himself as Amiri King because of his affinity towards the poets Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen. There are no records about his wife anywhere but Amiri is a family guy.

He is happily married and has two lovely daughters Kennedy and Tilly. Apart from videos that he uploads on the YouTube channel, he is also popular for writing some of the superb comedy content for local comedians.

What are Amiri king’s net worth and source of income?

Amiri earns the majority of his income by making amazing videos on cars and parodies on YouTube. He also earns an extra income by selling art to some of the art galleries and he also creates hilarious content for the local comedians.

He is also known to have created some amazing Vlogs and one of his videos called the Chevy Silverado Parody has got over 5 million views and has become one of the popular videos. He also writes a blog about his personal life and as far as his net worth is concerned, he is worth 150,000USD and looks like that’s some cool money to make through Social Media websites and YouTube isn’t it?

Caption: Amiri King’s most popular video “Chevy Silverado Parody 2”

Amiri’s wife, married life, and family?

There are no specific records about the details of his wife, however, King is married and has two children, adorable daughters Tilly and Kennedy. A con-man turned comedian is a miracle by itself. Yes, King was once behind the bars for involving in a robbery of arms. He has also been into a lot of controversies and he has posted some honest opinions about a lot of ongoing issues on several social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

He is known to be in prison for three years when he was first arrested at the age of 16 and it took some time for him to return to his normal life again. Amiri has also worked with Peter Shukoff who happens to be a fellow comedian. His videos have been liked by a lot of users and he has a huge fan following. He is also against a lot of anti-police movements and has voiced out his opinions on the same a lot of time. He was taken to the prison of Kentucky where he served for three years and that happens to be one of the toughest prisons.

Short bio about Amiri King.

This YouTube personality has been successful in conquering a lot of hearts for his funny skits and comedy parodies. Born in the United States of America, this ex-con man has been able to make a net worth of $150,000 with his amazing Vlogs, videos, and blogs he posts on the Social Media Channels.

He was also covered thrice on Readers Digest for his amazing work. When an ex-con man turns out to be a comedian this is what happens isn’t it? Amazing is the word and this 39-year-old man is on his way to make wonders and we wish him best of luck!


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