Anita Briem (The Tudors) Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Images, Husband

She is talented and beautiful you will be shocked to learn some shocking facts about the actress. She told in an interview how she is also invested in physical fitness and she also knows Broadsword. It expresses how much she appreciates physical health.

It was one of the reasons that she was cast in the movie Journey to the center of the Earth. She displayed her undeniable skills in the movie beautifully.

Anita Briem’s Profile:

Birth NameAnita Briem
Age37 years old (May 29, 1982)
HusbandConstantine Paraskevopoulos since 2010
Net Worth$4 million
FamilyGunnlaugur Briem
Erna ├×├│rarinsd├│ttir
EducationRoyal Academic of Dramatic Art (2004)

Anita Briem Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education)

Anita was born and grew up in Iceland. It is believed that people from. Iceland is beautiful so there is no doubt the actress is extremely good looking. She has a great body and is blessed with truly amazing acting skills.

While growing up she had a great interest in acting. So she left Iceland to study in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. According to her, it’s the best experience of her life as she learned a lot of things there.

She is the daughter of Gunnlaugur Briem and Erna ├×├│rarinsd├│ttir. Gunnlaugur, her dad was a drummer. So she already grew up in an environment where art was appreciated.

Anita Briem’s Career:

Anita Briem’s career is full of colors and you would not believe she appeared in a lot of stuff. But the main highlight of her career is her appearance in 2008 Sci-fi Movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth” appeared as Hannah ├üsgeirsson, this movie was based on 1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The movie was a high success.

She also appears in Television program ‘Doctor who’. She also made a brief appearance in 2019 Drama Film “Queen of Hearts”

It’s not only that she also appeared in a 2016 thriller film ‘Salt and Fire’. She played a significant role in the historical fiction television series  “The Tudors” back in 2008. However, the biggest highlight of her career is the Journey to the Center of the Earth. She also gave brief appearances in the evidence back in 2006.

She also appeared on Everything will happen before you die and the storyteller. Her list is quite long.

She banked a lot of money through appearing in these projects. She has remarkable talent there is no doubt in it.

The beautiful actress also appeared on You me and the circus and Dylan dog: dead of night.

Anita Briem’s Personal life:

Anita brown keeps her personal life completely private. She is not the hot topic of tabloids as the actress has may their hobbies that’s she is completely invested in as well.

She is married to the well know film director Dean Paraskevopoulos. They have been married since 2010. They share a very healthy relationship with each other.

The mostly lesser-known fact about her life is that she started acting at the very tender age of 9 at the Nation theatre of Arts Iceland.

another fact about the beauty is that she won the John Barton award in stage fighting. She is also now how to use some weapons. She has mastery in using a broadsword.

Anita Briem’s Net Worth:

Anita Briem has an impressive net worth. she mostly gained from her acting roles in the movie. However, the actress does not appear in the movies as much as she used to do.

She has an amazing net worth of 4 million dollars. The sum is quire shocking as she is not doing any prominent projects.

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