Brian Tracy is a celebrated author and a motivational public speaker. Most of his books are praised for their inspirational qualities. His place of birth is Canada but currently resides in America. Tracy is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Brian Tracy International which was founded in 1984 and its headquarters are in San Diego, California. Let us get acquainted on Brian Tracy Net Worth, his age, height, and facts in wiki bio.

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Brian Tracy Net Worth

Tracy is not a poor motivational speaker he is well off and has a net worth of about $15 Million which he has gained through sheer hard work and dedication. His Net Worth was a trending topic for some news channels for a long time.

Brian Tracy Career Details

His key source of income are her books and the public speaking sessions. He is a well accomplished writer and has written quite a number of books. In addition to this he gets a notable amount of money from his speaking sessions as well. Is Brian Tracy’s Net worth too luxurious for a motivational speaker?

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Brian is a great motivational speaker and author. He has authored over seventy books which are interesting and have gained praises from his readers. Some of the authored books include; The Famous, Eat That Frog! And What You’re Really Worth. He was born on 5th January, 1944 in Prince Edward Island, Canada but he currently resides in America.

Brian Tracy Education Dtails

He graduated from the University of Alberta and he is the current chairperson of Brian Tracy International. Currently, he chairs three different companies. Having traveled in more than 107 countries he is well known for his inspiring talks on time management, personal development, sales management, and leadership.


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