After Kim Zolciak and her daughter Ariana Biermann had a twinning second in matching leopard print bikinis, her eldest daughter, Brielle Biermann, wasn’t about to be unnoticed! She simply posed within the equivalent two-piece wanting smoking scorching.

The 24-year-old sizzled within the July 12 picture, the place she stood on a pathway subsequent to a sandy seashore and attractive turquoise waters. She wore the very same Salty Ok model triangle prime and tiny bottoms that her 19-year-old sister and 43-year-old mother donned in a July 1 picture.

Brielle seemed to be on her personal, as she held on to a beverage in a blue cup, and wore a inexperienced V.I.P. wristband. Her lengthy hair was flowing within the breeze, as the Don’t Be Tardy star added gold hoop earrings to offer some glam to her swimwear look. Brielle had a patch of white sand on her proper knee, as if she’d simply executed some posing alongside the seashore.

The actuality star’s new picture comes after Kim and Ariana had a mother-daughter twinning session on July 3. The two held arms on the seashore whereas carrying equivalent cheetah print Salty Ok bikinis. It turned out to be a candy bonding second.

Brielle Bierman Twins Bikini Mom SisterCourtesy of Brielle Biermann/Ariana Biermann/Instagram

“My greatest good friend. My twin. The hardest working girl I do know. I really like you past mother,” Ariana gushed within the caption. Kim returned the love with the remark, “Love you past phrases shugga!! I’m so pleased with you ANA BANANA.” Brielle then chimed in to name the 2 girls “Hotties.”

Kim and Ariana then confirmed how the bikini looked simply as attractive operating into the surf as it did rising from the water. They flaunted the swimsuit’s thong bottom in a second picture. Both had such perky behinds that they appeared extra like sisters or shut buddies having a day on the seashore, slightly than a mom and daughter with a 24-year age distinction between themselves.

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While Brielle missed out on changing into a triplet to her mother and sibling within the picture, she’s making up for it on her newest trip. In addition to her leopard print bikini, the Bravo star flaunted her killer determine in a July 10 photos modeling a pink Salty Ok string bikini with a thong bottom. She posed on the garden in entrance of the Atlantis Hotel within the Bahamas, wanting unbelievable.

Brielle hasn’t at all times been so self-confident in her physique. She admitted in a November 2019 Instagram publish that she’s self-conscious, identical to many different ladies are. “My weight fluctuates lots so I’m attempting actually exhausting to get higher at consuming proper, going to the health club and taking good care of myself,” she revealed. “I’ve at all times been insecure about my physique, I believe most ladies are! Push your self. Set a objective and work in the direction of it.” Brielle’s clearly achieved her physique objectives with how superb she appears in a bikini now!


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