IT IS unattainable to plan for all eventualities when animals are concerned in a public occasion – as a set of organisers found to their shock.

A dove got here to a grizzly end when it was “let out” during a religious ceremony that was sadly positioned in a subject beside a busy street.

A dove met a grizzly end when it was


A dove met a grizzly end when it was “let out” during a religious ceremonyCredit: wildsnoops/Instagram

In an Instagram video, a group of white birds are seen being launched out of a wicker basket and into the air.

However, reasonably than fly upwards, one makes the unlucky choice to transfer sideways.

It passes instantly within the path of a truck making its means down the close by street.

Upon seeing the dove killed, the onlookers collectively gasp in horror on the sudden flip of occasions.

Why would they do it proper subsequent to a freeway although?

Instagram consumer

The caption to the clip, shared on the viral video account Wild Snoops, reads: “That didn’t end properly… poor dove.”

It has been seen greater than 106,000 instances, and obtained dozens of horrified feedback – with some questioning the situation of the occasion.

One individual wrote: “Poor dove.”

Another commented: “Thats so shut to visitors!”


A 3rd shared: “DAMMIT MAN.”

And a fourth added: “Why would they do it proper subsequent to a freeway although?”

A group of birds were released from a wicker basket


A gaggle of birds had been launched from a wicker basketCredit: wildsnoops/InstagramThe video showed one flying towards a road


The video confirmed one flying in the direction of a roadCredit: wildsnoops/InstagramIt was unfortunately run over by a truck


It was sadly run over by a truckCredit: wildsnoops/InstagramInstagram users were shocked by the unfortunate turn of events


Instagram customers had been shocked by the unlucky flip of eventsCredit: wildsnoops/Instagram

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