Finnigan Holden McCormack came into the limelight due to his father’s popularity. Hia father Eric McCormack is a Canadian-American actor and singer.

Who are the Parents of Finnigan Holden McCormack?

Finnigan Holden McCormack was born on July 1, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. By nationality, he holds American citizenship and is of mixed ethnic background. As of now, he is 18 years old. By birth his zodiac sign is Cancer. Eric McCormack is the name of his father. By profession, his father is a Canadian-American actor and singer.

Caption: Finnigan Holden McCormack childhood photo with his mother and father (Photo: Panda Gossips)

He is famous for his role as Will Truman in the American sitcom Will and Grace. Janet Holden is the name of his mother. He is the only child in his family. Finnigan was raised with lots of love and care from his father and mother. Keith McCormack and Doris McCormack are the names of his grandparents. Regarding his education and qualification, he completed his higher-level education from the private school in his hometown.

How much does his Father earn from his career?

Finnigan Holden McCormack’s father Eric McCormack has a whopping amount of net worth. It seems that he is successful in gathering a decent sum of money from the entertainment industry. According to the celebrity net worth, he has an estimated net worth of around $20 million. He is very happy with the income he gains from his career.

Caption: Eric McCormack posing for a photo with his car (Photo: Sharp Magazine)

The main source of his income is from his successful long-term career as a Canadian-American actor, television producer, voice actor, musician, singer, and screenwriter as well. Also, he has gained a name from his career along with a good amount of money. As of now, he is living a happy and luxurious life with his family from the money he receives from his professional career. In the coming days, his net worth and annual salary will surely rise up.

Awards and Nomination of Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack has won many awards in his life. At first in the year 1999, he won the OFTA Awards and Emmy Awards as the Best Actor in the comedy series Will and Grace. In the year 2001, he won the same award again. After that, he is nominate for the GLAAD Media Awards in the year 2003. After two years he has been nominat for the Dixie Film Festival Awards for The Sisters, based on Anton Chekhov’s play.

Wedding of Finnigan Holden McCormack’s Parents

Well, Eric McCormack is a happily married man. He is no more single. He got married to his long-term beautiful girlfriend Janet Holden. Both of them were college sweethearts. They completed their study and graduated from the same University. Before exchanging their marriage vows the couple dated each other for a long period of time. After that they exchanges their marriage vows in the year 1997.

Caption: Finnigan Holden McCormack family photo (Photo: Getty Images)

Their wedding was held in front of their parents, relatives, and friends. All of them were very happy with their marriage. From their marriage, the couple became the parents of a son.

Finnigan Holden McCormack is the name of their child who was born in the year 2002. Till now the couple is still together, Also there is no sign of their separation and divorce as well. The love for each other is increasing day by day.

Professional Career of Eric McCormack


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