Now that summer time is formally in full swing, which means you’re most likely carrying fewer garments and displaying extra pores and skin. If you’re into eradicating your physique hair and have skipped a couple of waxing periods and aren’t fairly there but, you’re not alone. Whether you selected to shave at dwelling, DIY wax, or get common waxes on the salon, there are many concerns to take note of to each obtain ~and~ preserve your outcomes — and sure, even for those who’re considering laser hair removing, however extra on that later! Naturally, there’s a slew of embarrassing hair removal questions all of us have probably thought of in some unspecified time in the future or one other, so as a substitute of leaving you to your personal gadgets, we determined to seek the advice of with some consultants to get the lowdown as a substitute (you’re welcome!).

Our professionals have given us the inside track on all issues hair removing to assist you choose the hair removal method that works one of the best for you — and the way to hold your outcomes wanting contemporary in between providers and coverings. Read on to study extra and store a few of our favourite at-home hair removing merchandise.

“There are three most important phases wherein hair goes by—Anagen: The Growing Phase, Catagen: The Transitional Phase, and Telogen: the Resting Phase,” explains Bernadette Devaney, Research Manager at Nair. “Many elements can affect hair growth, equivalent to sickness, medicines, stress, and being pregnant, to identify a couple of. Various areas of the physique do expertise totally different development charges, however on common, hair will develop 4-6 inches per 12 months.”

“The easiest method [to avoid nicks or cuts] is to lather up with a pleasant moisturizing shaving gel,” shares Hibba Kapil, proprietor of Hibba NYC. “Try [to] have good lighting and correct placement of your physique half to help whereas shaving. Get a smaller razor for small physique components like bikini and underarms, however all the time select the one with flexibility. Be cautious of your course—the primary shave needs to be in the other way of hair development.”

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Courtesy of Completely Bare.

Completely Bare Completely Smooth No-Bump Shaving Gel

To elevate your at-home shaving recreation, investing in a premium shaving gel is one of the best wager. This hydrating and bump-reducing system helps stop ingrown hairs from forming post-shave whereas additionally soothing any irritation.

“There actually isn’t a particular age at which ladies ought to begin going for hair removal treatments,” shares Natalia Romanenko, Strip Ministry of Waxing Senior Therapist and Trainer. “Ultimately, it depends upon how comfy she (and/or her mother and father) are with it. Most youngsters of about 12-13 years previous have a tendency to begin with eradicating the hair on their underarms for hygiene causes earlier than progressing to legs and arms.”

“Both lotions and lotions are perfect for bigger areas equivalent to underarms, [the] bikini line, and legs,” shares Devaney. “Cream depilatories have a thicker consistency, which might present extra management for smaller areas such because the face, the place precision is essential. Results [can] final days longer than shaving.”

“4-6 mm is the perfect hair size for waxing,” explains Romanenko. “Our ‘waxperts’ will trim the hair if it’s too lengthy for a comfortable waxing experience. You can all the time decide to take an aspirin or ibuprofen about 30-45 minutes earlier than waxing to assist scale back discomfort, particularly if you’re waxing delicate areas such because the Brazilian or chest.”

STYLECASTER | Hair Removal Questions

Courtesy of Tree Hut.

Tree Hut Hair Inhibiting Body Butter

You can assist hold undesirable hair at bay in between waxing appointments by utilizing a hair growth inhibiting lotion or body butter.

“This is a delusion—shaving facial hair doesn’t trigger it to develop again thicker,” debunks Devaney. “However, eradicating hair utilizing a depilatory cream (like Nair Precision Kit For Face & Upper Lip Moroccan Argan Oil) will trigger hair to develop again softer then shaving—as a result of shaving cuts hair throughout the hair shaft, giving it a pointy edge.”

“All the strategies can be utilized all year long,” shares Romanenko. “Many folks neglect, waxing additionally removes useless, dry pores and skin—which is frequent throughout the winter months—supplying you with smoother pores and skin. Waxed pores and skin additionally allows moisturizers to be absorbed extra quickly and effectively, which is a particular bonus throughout these dry winter months.”

STYLECASTER | Hair Removal Questions

Courtesy of Shave Works.

Shave Works The Cool Fix Post-Shave Treatment

This post shave and wax solution helps to mitigate irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. This is very useful for soothing the pores and skin after a Brazilian bikini wax.

“Irritated pores and skin have to be handled correctly to keep away from scabbing,” cautions Kapil. “Post-treatment, go for cotton clothes and free clothes to stop additional irritation [during sugaring treatments]. Apply cortisone cream each hour together with a chilly compress to provide reduction. At dwelling, mix-up a coconut oil and yogurt concoction as a DIY-solution.”

“It is of nice significance to scrub (every week after waxing) and moisturize (a day after waxing) repeatedly,” explains Romanenko. “Scrubbing and moisturizing will assist to stop the rise of any nasty ingrown hair, as scrubbing removes useless pores and skin and moisturizing retains the pores and skin tender and supple.”

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