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Someone is finally rising to rule the world, and It’s actually someone good, This successful young actor and impressive entrepreneur has already built a vast online platform, Yes! We are talking about the majestic and ambitious, Joivan Wade. Who is not only succeeding in all his goal himself but also wants to help others rise alongside him, succeeding in their goals and there is nothing better.

Biography (Childhood & Early Life)

Joivan Wade was born under the star sign of Leo on August 2nd, 1993, in the small town of Lewisham, London, England. Joivan was born with the name of Joivan Derek Graham Wade.

Joivan is the middle child, with two siblings, Romayle Wade the older one born two years early in 1991 and Jerome Wade the younger one born 3 years later in 1996. Joivan’s childhood dream was to become an astronaut because of his crazy obsession with astronomy in high school.

Joivan started taking acting classes very early on, some say around when he was around 12 years old, but he didn’t really pursue it because of football, which according to him ran through their family, later, he realized that he never loved football as much as he loved acting, so that’s what he decided to pursue. He then got into Brit school by the advice of his school friend and that’s where he met his best friend, collaborator and business partner Percelle Ascott.

Joivan Wade Career

Joivan initially started as a Youtube performer, he is well-known for his performance on the online comedy series Mandem On The Wall. Joivan’s professional career started in 2012. He first appeared on the BBC’s TV series Casualty (2012) and a short film Callum (2012).

In 2013, he made his first notable appearance in BBC comedy Big School. After that, he played the role of Julia in another BBC comedy Youngers (2013-2014). Next year, he appeared upon “Pompidou” (2015), The interceptor (2015), played various roles on “Walliams & Friend” (2015) and a shot film Chick or Treat (2015). He made a critically acclaimed appearance on two Episodes of the well-known BBC’s Doctor Who series as Rigsy, a young graffiti artist who helped save the world.

joivan wade
Joivan Wade

In 2016, Joivan appeared on yet another short film Rwd/Fwd (2016), all preparing him for his bigger screen success. Finally, after a short time, he anchored himself in the industry, as he joined the cast of BBC Soap opera EastEnders (1985-), playing the role of Jordan Johnson in thirteen episodes of 2016’s season, taking over the role from Michael-Joel David Stuart. He also appeared on BBC comedy Feeds in the same year, also on another short film Deep it and all the way into his first comedy film The Weekend Movie (2016), which was fairly acclaimed by the critics.

Come 2017,  Joivan again did a short appearance in one of the Episodes of British TV drama The Break (2017), He then appeared as one of the main characters in 2017’s critically acclaimed and hit short film The Riot Act (2017), which gave him considerable recognition in the film industry. 2018, was when he became the ultimate center of attention as he played the main character of Shiro in UK crime and rap drama Shiro’s Story, this short film got the attention of the audience with its incredible 8.7 ratings on IMDb, left the audience for wanting.

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Success of “The First Purge” 2018

And, then subsequently came Shiro’s Story 2 in July 2018, which made it even bigger with its 9.3 ratings on IMDb, declared an impressive cult classic in the making by fans. And finally by the end of 2018, after a long career of small and big appearances on British television, Joivan finally made it into the light of Hollywood, starring as one of the main characters of American action horror film ‘The First Purge’, which was a huge commercial success, continuing the Purge franchise, The First Purge was the biggest box office hit among all the previous ones from the franchise.

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This led to the prominent rise of a young new Talent, Joivan Wade, in Hollywood. Then came another push, as the third part of Shiro’s Story was released, again with impressive ratings from the fans. In 2019, Joivan after starring in another short film Amani (2019), made it big once again with DC’s TV Series Doom Patrol, playing the prominent character of Cyborg, finally giving Wade the recognition he deserved. He made a lot of wealth throughout his career, according to sources his net worth is estimated in Million Dollars. There is no official announcement of his net worth

Facts of Joivan Wade

  • Joivan did not let anyone on the set of The First Purge know that he was a Londoner with his perfect New York accent to cover up, until after the shooting was wrapped.
  • Despite being a very well-known British and Hollywood actor now, Joivan has very less about him on the internet than one would expect.
  • There are two different Birth Dates given for Joivan on the internet, July 23rd, 1993 and August 2nd, 1993, being the latter one used more than the first. 
  • Joivan Wade hosted the music of Black Origin Awards in 2013.
  • Joivan was nominated for Screen Nations Rising Star Award.
  • Joivan Stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, with around 75 Kg of weight.
  • One time Joivan and Percelle was invited to perform in a variety show by Glen Murphy, one half of the comedy act, and Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Twist and Pulse.

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