Justin Shearer aka Big Chief Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend 😉

Today’s post is about the famous personality in racing Justin Shearer, not only he is a racer but a man with a black background too. Check out his Net Worth, Current Girlfriend, Age, Family & More. 😊

Justin Shearer otherwise known as Big chief is an experienced car race and a prominent personality on a TV show – Street Outlaws. The December born celebrity has a humble beginning. The death of his father weighed on his mom. Shortly after the death of Justin father, his mom stood to the responsibility to ensure him, and his younger brother enjoys the benefits of good parenting. 😊

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Even though Justin was raised by a single parent, he never for any reason disrespects his mother or member of his immediate community. He has been into the racing industry since age 9. His early exposure to such industry influenced his perspective to life and evoked the zeal of becoming a famous racer out of him.

Justin Shearer

At age 12, his family relocated to Oklahoma. Instead for the relocation to hinder his progress, it fueled his passion. At Oklahoma, Justin worked relentlessly to make an edge in the city’s streetcar racing scene. His burning desire to thrive in the industry worked in his work again. He joins the Oklahoma crew of car racers to become a prominent racer within the industry. Today, he has become a renowned car racer in the international scene of the car racing industry.

Justin Shearer & His Doggy <3

Justin Shearer Net Worth & Salary

Over several years, Justin Shearer has accumulated a net worth of $2million. His fortune can basically be traced to his reality show and street racing career. His constant active on Discovery reality TV series –Street Outlets really amass wealth for him. This, however, doesn’t dispute the fact that his racing career also forms a good source of revenue for him.

Saxy AF

Justin Shearer Age, Personal Life & Parents


Justin Shearer was born a few decades ago, specifically December 9, 1980, somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky in America. He’s in his late 30s and will be 40 years of age this year.

Personal Life

Justin Shearer is happily married to his longtime girlfriend – Alicia Shearer. They started a marital lifestyle in 2006 and happily married with two sons – Covil Shearer and Corbin Shearer.

Justin Shearer With Family
Justin Shearer With Family

It’s good to note that Justin and Allicia met each other at a gas station. At that time, Justin Shearer was just 18 years old and worked at a full-service gas station. They both fall in love with each other after seeing. 💏 

Justin Shearer Bio Summary:

Below is a summary of his bio :

NameJustin Shearer
Date of BirthDecember 9th, 1980
Age38 years, 2 Months Old
Profession/CareerStreetcar ,television personality
WifeAlicia Shearer
Height5 ft. 6 inches
Weight75 Kg
Marital StatusMarried
Birth PlaceLouisville, USA
Hair ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

FAQs On Justin Shearer

What is Justin Shearer is doing now?

Justin is working in racing of cars. He has a prominent name in the racing field. Big chief is an experienced car race and a prominent personality on a TV show – Street Outlaws.

Is Justin Shearer having any relationship affair ?

Yes, Justin Shearer is dating Jackie Shearer <3

Is Justin Shearer Gay?

No. he is straight. 🥰

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