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Justine Musk s a well-known author and writer. She is also known for marrying Elon Musk in 2000. Both of them have 3 children together. Justine musk and Elon mush parted their ways in 2008. Elon and Justine musk have 6 children together. They shared a long and very understanding relationship with each other. Justine Musk is a fantasy and fiction writer. She has written many books for fiction lovers.

if you want to know about her children, husband, Height, Weight and Net Worth then keep reading the article.

Birth NameJustine Wilson Musk
Age 46 years (September 2, 1972)
HusbandElon Musk ( Divorced)
Net WorthUnknown
Height1.80 m
EducationQueen University, Kingston.

Justine Musk Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education)

Justine Musk was born on September 2, 1972. She grew up in Ontario, Canda. She mostly spent her childhood in Canda. She completed her degree in English literature from Queen University. She is interested in writing and interestingly she likes to write about fiction and fantasy.

It is still unclear about her parents and siblings. As the writer was divorced from Elon Musk back in 2008. She does not about her private life that much on the TV and magazines.

It is still unclear why she uses the last name of her husband if they are divorced.

Justine Musk Career:

It is known that Justine Musk is writing for quite long now. the ex-wife of Elon Musk likes to write about fantasy. She first published her book in 2005 named Bloodangel. It was a dark romance novel. it got a lot of praise from the readers. It was also ranked at New York best-selling books.

then again after the overwhelming response from her fans. She started to write another book named Uninvited back in 2007. It also gained praise from people.

She further released another fantasy book named Lord of the bones in 2008. It was her last officially published book. It is unclear if she is working towards another book or not.

Justine Musk actively takes part in TedTalks. She shares her inspirational story of how she overcame her self doubts to become what she is today.

However, her Net Worth might be good as her ex-husband who is still quite significant in her life worth 19 billion dollars.

Justine Musk Personal Life

Justine Musk moved to California after Japan. She used to teach English there as a second language. She explains her stay in Japan pleasant and peaceful.

She married Elon Mus back in 200. At first, both of them shared a good and peaceful relationship understanding each other.

In 2002 Justine Musk gave birth to her first child from Elon Musk. Later, his son named Nevada died after 10 weeks because of infant death syndrome. It was a devasting experience for Justine. But she did not lose her heart, after facing complications in her pregnancy. She went through IVF, it is a technique to fertilize the egg outside the womb. She went through this procedure for safe pregnancy and later gave birth to her two twin sons.

She has5 children with Elon Musk now. The children share an active relationship with both of their parents. However, when Elon musk married an actress things became complicated on both sides. But Justine admits openly that she is fine with Elon’s wife.

Now Elon and his actress wife named Talulah Reily ended in 2016.

Justine Musk’s Net Worth

Elon Musk is the owner of the world biggest organization named Tesla and SpaceX. But still, it is not known how much Justine Musk worth. Seeing his ex-husbands net worth with whom she is in good term. We think she must be worth good.

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