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Lele Pons Wiki, Bio, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Brother, Parents, Awards

Lele pins are a famous name on Youtube these days but she raised to fame when she started making videos with her friends on platform of Vine. After vine failed to work according to the conditions of some creates it shut down.

Then lele pons started using Instagram as a source to build her resume and to earn. Soon she became famous on Instagram.

She has 35 million followers on her Instagram it is a big number. She uploads new skits on instants and on her Youtube channel as well.

Birth NameEleonora Pons Maronese
Age23 years old( June 25, 1996)
Net Worth$3 million
FamilyAnna Maronese
Luis Pons
EducationMiami country day school

Lele Pons Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education, Parents)

Lele pons was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She moved to the USA with her family when she was just 5 years old. She completed her High School education from Miami country High School. Her mother and father both of them were Latinos. She is strongly proud of her ethnicity.

Back in 2013, she started her career from the platform called Vine. Many celebrities like Anwar Jibwi, King Bach and Amanda Cerny. After the closing of the platform, she went to Instagram for career opportunities.

Lele always portrays as a need in her music video. Because she says this is how she was in her high school time. fans like her this attitude they believe that she is inspirational and positive. Lele has 14 million subscribers on Youtube. This sum will increase rapidly in coming years as well.

Lele Pons Career:

Lele pons is making videos and skits on Instagram. She mostly collaborates with other Instagram as well. She releases long skits on Youtube as well. She has been appearing in Music Videos. She appeared in Camila Cabello’s music video Havana alongside Noah Centineo. LeLe also hosted MTV music awards as well. Lele also met her ideal Shakira back in 2018.

She also gains a lot of money though laid promotions on Instagram like fashion nova clothing, sugar bear hair. She has also released music in Latin for her fans. She continuously appears on many music videos as well.

She is quite interested in making music with other Latino singers.

Lele pons Personal life

Lele pons personal life is full of spice as well. She was close friends with Model Amanda Cerny. In 2016 she broke up with Amanda Cerny. Amanda Cerny accused Lele pons of making her Instagram account private. They ended their highly publicized friendship back in 2016. However, Lele is now good friends with Jannah Stocking and Anwar Jibwi.

There are some YouTubers who side with Amanda on this matter. Another scandal she finds herself in os her relationship with another YouTuber Twan.

Twan and lele justify that they are just friends nothing more. But they use their friendship as a clickbait a lot and it is starting to confuse fans. They think that they are secretly dating each other. Her breakup with Juanpa another Youtuber made fans more confuse that whether they were really together or was it clout.

Lele Pons Net Worth:

Lele pons has a net worth of 4 million dollars she called all this in through her online platforms and music she highly advertises on Youtube as well.

Her collaborations with many other YouTubers and brands have also helped her in gaining this huge amount. She is a competition for other YouTubers like Lilly Singh.

She is rapidly gaining the most watched on Youtube. There is no doubt that she is a threat to other YouTubers as well.

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