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Magic Johnson Net Worth – Magic Johnson Biography, Early Life & Career, Assets & Net Worth: Earvin Johnson Jr., better known as Magic Johnson, is a retired basketball player (NBA player) and entrepreneur of America. Magic Johnson is in the list of One of the Richest Celebrities of America (United States). At present, the Net Worth of Magic Johnson is more than 500$ Million. Magic Johnson was born in 1959 and had an interest in basketball from childhood. Later Basket Ball became his passion and at the age of 15, he was given a name Magic for a wonderful game playing. Magic Johnson has been involved in Basketball as a Player as well as a Coach. Johnson has made 17707 Points in his whole Basketball career. Johnson has faced some ups and downs in life still he is successful at a basketball game, business and on Television.

Magic Johnson Biography ( Career, Achievements & Net Worth)

Childhood & Early Life

Earvin Johnson Jr. (Magic Johnson) was born on 14th August 1959 at Lansing, Michigan to parents Earvin Sr. (father) and Christine (mother). Johnson’s father Earvin Sr. was a General Motor Assembly Worker and his mother was a School Custodian. Johnson has learned about work ethics from his parents, as his father (Earvin Sr.) used to do janitorial work in late nights at a used car and get the garbage. Moreover, Johnson’s father did the janitorial work in addition to the work he was doing at his job. Johnson’s mother (Christine) did cleaning of home and cooking the meal for the next day every night, after working the whole day at school. Johnson had six siblings.

At a very young age, Johnson fell in love with basketball. Johnson’s parents (Earvin Sr. and Christine) both have played a basketball game in their childhood at schools. So Johnson belonged to an Athlete family. Johnson had some ideas in basketball i.e. Bill Russell, Earl Monroe, and Marques Haynes. By reaching the 8th Grade, Johnson became a dominant junior player by scoring 48 points in one game.

Name: Earvin Johnson Jr. (Magic Johnson)

Date of Birth: 14th August 1959

Date of Birth: 14th August 1959

Place of Birth: Lansing, Michigan

Profession: Basketball Player (NBA Player), Athlete, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, Actor, Film Producer, Television Producer

Magic Johnson Net Worth: 500$ Million and Increasing

Magic Johnson Career & Profession

Johnson was aiming to play basketball at Sexton High School, however, he could not play there as he was sent to Everett High School. Sexton High School was very popular for their school basketball practice and team. But as Johnson’s two elder siblings, he was also admitted to the Everett High School. There was the racism of black and white people in the Everett High School that Johnson’s elder siblings have suffered. However, Johnson went to Everett High School and start practicing basketball, even though his sibling had asked him not to play.

Once Johnson mentioned his Everett High School Experience as “As I look back on it today, I see the whole picture very differently. It’s true that I hated missing out on Sexton. And the first few months, I was miserable at Everett. But being abused to Everett turned to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. It got me out of my own little world and taught me how to understand white people, how to communicate and deal with them.”

Magic Johnson Wife Cookie Johnson & Kids

Awards & Achievements

At the age of 15, Johnson was awarded a label “Magic” at Everett High School as he had scored triple-double of 36 Points, 18 Rebounds and 16 Assists. In the final season of his High Schools, Johnson brought his team, with his performance, to State Champion Ship and they won the match by 27-1 Score. In that championship, John had a high average per game of 28.8 Points and 16.8 Rebounds. In 1977 Johnson was named as McDonald’s All American Team.

Business – Magic Johnson Enterprise:

After the completion in basketball career, on retirement, Johnson started his own business named Magic Johnson Enterprises. The present value of Magic Johnson Enterprises is around 1$ Billion.

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Johnson has used his basketball career earnings and savings for establishing his business and as a result, today, Magic Johnson is an entrepreneur having personal Net Worth of more than 500$ Million.

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