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Scarlett Pomers is an American actress and singer. She is well known for her role in Star Terk: Voyager. Scarlett has appeared on many TV shows and she has a band as well for whom she is working hard these days releasing soulful music for her fans all around the world.

Do you want to know Scarlett Pomers Net worth, children, husband, height and personal life? Then stick with us and read this article fully to get to know this American beauty.

Scarlett Pomers Profile

Birth Name  Scarlett Pomers
Net Worth$2 Million

Scarlett Pomers Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education)

Scarlett Pomers was born and grew up in California, USA. It is still unclear from she graduated or is she homeschooled? But she started showing her interest in singing and acting from a very tender age. She appeared in more 3 dozen advertisements while growing up and she was rapidly progressing in her acting field.

The actor turned singer has a brother known as Shane Pomers. Her rest of life is quite private and unfamous. She is mostly known for her appearance in Star Terk: Voyager.

Scarlett Pomers Personal Life:

Scarlett’s personal life is quite private as the actor dedicates her full time to her newly found passions such as singing and photography. She announced in 2014 that she is taking a break from her acting career and is going to focus on her singing career and she is having a good time making the music she always wanted to make.

At the age of 17, the actoress suffered from anorexia a kind of food disorder. According to a source, she lost more than 70 pounds of weight. she went to Rehab to get the treatment. she also became an ambassador of an organization dedicated to patients of food disorder. For which she was also mentioned in Teen magazine in 2008 under the section of “20 inspirational teens”.

Scarlett Pomers Career

Scarlett Pomers has appeared in many ads as we mentioned above. But she was also in Michel Jackson’s music video of “Heal The world” which also boasted her resume.

She also appeared in star trek and her major role was Kyra in Reba. where she played as a daughter for the main role. She also appeared in Disney channel’s movie ” A ring of endless light”.

She is also focusing on her Albums other than acting. She is truly focused on her singing career. She also released her album named “Insane” in 2010. She was invested in rock from day one.

However, the actress is having a difficult time maintaining her on-screen glamorous and we barely see her on any acting project but who knows she might make an appearance.

She also made a brief appearance in the baby sitter club.

Scarlett Pomers Net worth

Scarlett Pomers scored half of her Net wroth by the appearances she makes on TV shows and movies as well. She is also making some of their money and maintaining her net worth by doing meet and greets with her music lovers as well. She has a net worth of 2 million dollars.

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