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Shane Dawson is one of the famous Youtuber right now. Shane Dawson has more than 20 million subscribers on his channel right now. It was not easy for Shane Dawson to become successful in the crazy field of Youtube. The 31 years old Youtuber has been making Youtube videos since 2008. He is not only YouTuber but also a writer, comedian, actor, director, musician, and media personality

At first, the Youtuber gained a lot of criticism from the audience and the Youtuber faced a lot of difficulties but now the Youtuber has come forward in his journey.

Keep reading the article to learn about the Youtuber Shane Dawson, who is he dating and about his huge Youtube earning and relationship with other YouTubers as well.

Shane Dawson Biography (Childhood, Early Life & Education)

Shane Dawson was born in Long Beach, California. It is one of the beautiful locations in California. Shane’s real name is Shan Lee Yaw. However, it is still very unclear about his parents. Shane attended Lakewood High school. Shane was bullied a lot there because of sexuality and apparent look.

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Shane is believed to be harassed physically and mentally by his alcoholic father. It was a very tough experience for the famous Youtuber and he has been very vocal about this as well. Shane has two siblings Jacob Yaw (born 1980) and Jerid Yaw (born 1985).

Shane Dawson Personal Life

Shane Dawson keeps his Personal life quite away from the cameras and magazines.

He is engaged with Ryland Adams. He is living with him currently in Beverly hills. Shane Dawson shares a very close bonding and friendship with Youtuber and makeup Guru Jeffree star. both of them seems extra close with each other and often collab together to make videos on different topics.

Shane Dawson was bullied in his early years of life and was also a victim of Food disorder and gaining a lot of weight. However, the YouTuber stays quite vocal about his struggles and also is an inspiration for many people out there. The Youtuber is homosexual and is in an understanding relationship with Ryland Adams.

Shane was also a victim of huge criticism back in 2018 when his series inside the mind of Jake Paul was released. Youtuber Pewdiepie also came forward to share his opinion. The Youtube series based on Jake Paul has more than 20 million views on Youtube platform as well.

Shane Dawson Career

Shane Dawson first started his career back in 2008 where he first uploaded his video. He started his work and started to make Skits back in 2008. He gave a tough competition to the Youtuber Pewdiepie who also started his gaming YouTube channel.

Back in 2015 Shane Dawson started a new theme for his Youtube channel and started to make “Creepy Videos” mostly discussing g the creepy and weird facts about the society and weird incidents.

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On youtube, he rose to prominence, and by 2010 he drove almost million views. His early work was related to comedy videos, playing original characters, impersonate celebrities and make light of Popular. During this career he also released music, releasing 6 original songs such as “Superluv” and numerous parodies of popular music videos. In 2013—inspired by Howard Stern—Dawson launched his podcast.

in 2017 he created a documentary based on the life of Jeffree Star. The series broke the internet and made Shane Dawson and Jeffree fans favorite overnight on the platform of Youtube.

In 2018, Shane continued his love for documentaries and made a documentary with Jake Paul, the series gained a lot of criticism but has views on YouTube. According to reliable and authentic sources, Shane Dawson has an estimated net worth of $12 Million dollars.

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