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Surbhi Chandna 3Surbhi Chandna 3

Gorgeous actress Surbhi Chandna of Telly Town has shocked the fans with her new photos. Without sporting a bikini or quick costume, these new photos of her have taken the web by storm.

Surbhi Chandna 1Surbhi Chandna 1

Recently, Surabhi reached the International Iconic Awards 2021 ceremony. On the pink carpet, the daughter-in-law of this TV made such an entry in a black costume that everybody’s eyes had been fastened on her.

Surbhi Chandna 4Surbhi Chandna 4

Surbhi has shared some photos of that award operate on her Instagram. Surbhi is sporting a very lovely black robe.

Surbhi Chandna 2Surbhi Chandna 2

She has pretty diamond earrings with this costume, which is making her look completely good.

Surbhi ChandnaSurbhi Chandna

Surbhi had opened her hair, which appeared fairly silky. Surbhi appeared beautiful in this look.


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