Sexy is mostly used to explain somebody thought of sexually engaging, however it will get utilized in all types of different methods.

sexually engaging

When you describe an individual as sexy, it usually suggests that you’re sexually interested in them. A really comparable time period for this sense of the phrase is sizzling, which may be very casual and, like sexy, could be objectifying. A maybe extra tasteful manner of saying that is merely attractive. Words like gorgeous, beautiful, good-looking, and pretty are all utilized in reference to appears to be like however are much less straight tied to intercourse.

All of these phrases, together with sexy, can be utilized to easily suggest that you just assume an individual appears to be like good (versus implying that you just discover them sexually engaging), like whenever you say that your buddy appears to be like sexy as a praise. A phrase that accomplishes the identical factor however is much less targeted on bodily look is fierce. You might additionally simply say, “You look nice!”

Sexy most frequently pertains to an individual’s bodily look, however this isn’t at all times the case. An individual could also be thought of sexy for a lot of different causes, akin to their sense of humor or pursuits. The phrase engaging can also be generally used to point this, as in I discover males with good style in books very engaging. 

sexually interesting

Sometimes, the phrase is used to explain one thing that’s considered sexually interesting—by making somebody extra sexually engaging, as in a sexy accent or I need to discover a sexy costume for the marriage. In the case of the costume, the phrase flirty can imply about the identical factor. A extra intense model is seductive.

sexually stimulating

The sense of sexy meaning “sexually stimulating” is usually utilized to media, like books and flicks, that include sexual components meant to be stimulating, particularly as their major focus.

Many of the synonyms for this sense of sexy are a bit euphemistic, that means they’re meant to be a bit softer or much less direct. These embrace racy, risqué, steamy, sensual, and titillating. Something that offers with sexual components considerably not directly—akin to by way of innuendos—could be known as sexually suggestive.

Other phrases carry a tone of judgment, indicating that such issues are offensive or inappropriate, together with lewd and vulgar. The phrase dirty can be utilized on this unfavorable manner or in a extra playful manner that’s primarily a euphemism regardless of its typically unfavorable connotation, as in soiled magazines. 

Sometimes, this use of sexy is fairly literal—saying that somebody despatched you sexy texts usually means the texts had some type of sexual content material. The phrase sexual can be utilized to imply the identical factor, however it’s usually utilized in a broader and extra impartial option to imply “involving or associated to intercourse,” as in sexual content material or sexual orientation.

thrilling or flashy 

The phrase sexy can also be generally utilized in a form of figurative option to describe issues which are exciting not directly, as in It’s exhausting to get folks to concentrate to marketing campaign finance reform as a result of it’s not a sexy matter, however it’s essential. Similar phrases embrace compelling, engaging, and interesting.

This sense of sexy is often utilized in unfavorable contexts (when describing issues which are particularly not sexy on this manner), however not at all times. Cars are sometimes described or marketed as sexy, for instance. Descriptive phrases that recommend one thing comparable embrace flashy and fancy.


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