Taylor Swift’s fanbase rages as a new Rock band takes over

Taylor Swift has one of the biggest and most loyal fanbases in the music industry, her fans are known around the world for their crazy mad love. Recently, a rock band called Tool are come up with their brand new album Fear Inoculum and it is very much likely that it’ll debut by topping the chart, which rings all the alarms for the swifties as Taylor will be pushed down and that already seems to piss the fans.

Tool, an American rock band from Los Angeles dropped a brand new album Fear Inoculum, making a comeback after 13 long years on last Friday, which is powerfully pacing to the top of the charts. The pace of Tool’s new album also triggered an alarming reaction among the swifties, as Taylor also recently dropped her acclaimed 7th Album Lover, which debuted at #1 on the 200 billboard charts with just over 885,000 sales in its first week.

Tool having brought back the classic 90s rock music on again, might top the charts very easily according to the experts with a projected reach of 240,000 and 260,000 albums in the U.S. alone and that seems to bitter the swifties.

Comparing the retail price of the package, Fear Inoculum is the expensive one standing at around $45, but it does contain a pretty cool package with an entirely immersive experience, including an HD video screen, speakers and a 36-page booklet, while Lover only costs $13, making it an easy buy, but Tool’s fans having to wait for such a long time will not hold back from rushing the stores. Even though Pop-Star Taylor Swift might have to step down but she did create history with her new debut album Lover by beating down Drake’s scorpion and that is evident to the full power of her fans.

This has also triggered feuds between Tool and Taylor’s fans, as swifties are not ready in any way to back down from the top seat. Swifties took it to the social media and are constantly encouraging all the fans to keep streaming or otherwise they might let Taylor down, which in their books is unacceptable.

Tool’s fans being the classic cool millennials and fun dads, are probably sitting back at home, finally listening to the amazing gift from Tool, an impressive seven-track, 85-minute long album.

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