Kendall Jenner has an Olympic gold medal successful dad, and now, her boyfriend, Devin Booker, has the identical piece of prized {hardware}. The 25-year-old mannequin sported the Phoenix Suns star’s U.S. Men’s Basketball’s gold medal from the Tokyo Olympics whereas mendacity on his boat in a bikini.

Devin posted the August 17 photograph of the brunette magnificence on the again of a ship with a lake glowing behind her. Wearing a green bikini, Kendall had the 24-year-old’s brand-new gold medal round her neck. The {hardware} itself sat towards her naked hip, whereas the pink, white and blue sash draped down by way of her cleavage.

Kendall was tossing again a beer in the photograph, whereas an American flag may very well be seen behind her flying from the again of the boat. In different pictures Devin shared from their getaway, his giant black canine, Haven, joined the couple for the scenic journey round a mountain lake.

Devin captioned the collection of snapshots “Lake Boi,” which included a photograph of the 6’5” NBA star swimming in the cool water with simply his head above the floor. It’s unclear the place the pair are vacationing, however the location regarded fairly comparable to an Idaho getaway Kendall’s sister Kourtney Kardashian took final summer time. Even the boat itself was practically similar to the one Kourt and Scott Disick used for having lake outings with their three youngsters.

Kendall Jenner Wears Devin Booker's Gold Medal in Bikini PhotoCourtesy of Devin Booker/Instagram

The United States males’s basketball workforce took residence the gold medal with their 87-82 victory over France on Friday, August 13. While Kendall has at all times been Devin’s biggest cheerleader, even her brother, Rob Kardashian, was thrilled by the victory. He wrote “Legends” subsequent to Devin’s August 16 put up. The athlete shared pictures of himself sporting the medal round his neck, the presentation ceremony and even a nonetheless shot from a FaceTime name with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady smiling and congratulating him on the workforce’s win!

Kendall has dated a number of different NBA gamers, however her relationship with Devin is the most serious, in addition to essentially the most public. The couple of over one year share some Instagram love right here and there, however don’t go overboard. She didn’t embrace any of their romance in Kendall’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians plotlines however for an excellent cause.

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She defined in the course of the present’s reunion, following the collection coming to an in depth after 20 seasons, why she went out of her method to not present her relationship life on the collection.

“I really feel prefer it’s at all times labored higher for me that approach, and no offense to my older sisters in any respect, however I believe like Kylie [Jenner] and I particularly have had the chance to observe my older sisters undergo marriages and relationships and breakups and all this stuff and do it fairly publicly,” Kendall stated in June. “I believe it makes my life lots simpler and our relationship lots higher to be fully sincere. I simply really feel prefer it’s a non-public matter and never for anybody to guage or know.”


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