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Timothy Hawking is the third and the youngest son of the late legendary scientist, a specialist of Cosmology and Physics. However, Timothy is not as famous as her father. But the gossipy tidbits give rise to the curiosity of the general public that how Timothy spent his life with his father who was determined to have Neuron Motor disease. How he spent his whole childhood? So if you are curious about him then get yourself ready to scroll down.

timothy hawking at his father funeral
timothy hawking at his father funeral

Timothy Hawking Biography (Childhood, Education, Early life)

Timothy Hawking came into this world on 15th April 1979. His birthplace was St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom and was conceived to Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking. People and family members used to call Tim since he was young. He acquired British nationality and he belongs to white ethnicity. Tim’s zodiac sign is Aries which is a symbol of passion, motivation, and confidence.

timothy hawking family
timothy hawking family and biography

Tim is the youngest of all kin. He is the third son of Stephen Hawking. His Father, Stephen Hawking died on 14th March 2018 which has been a great loss for the scientific world and for the family too.

Early Life & Family

Stephen Hawking was an award-winning scientist. He did incredible accomplishments in the field of cosmology (black holes) and Physics. But unfortunately, Stephen had greatly suffered from a disease named amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a motor neuron disease. In which except his cheek muscle, a body, on the whole, got paralyzed. Jane Hawking, the mother of Tim was an educationist and an English scholar. His elder brother Robert hawking is currently working at the pioneer world’s famous institution named Microsoft as a software engineer.

timothy hawking family
Timothy hawking with his father

His sister Lucy following the footsteps of her mother and started his career as a journalist alongside she is an author, novelist. Since childhood, Tim used to play chess and motorsports with his father and both on and off visiting F1 races. Until the age of five, he barely had any conversation with his dad. When he has grown enough his father completely lost his voice, due to this Stephen couldn’t talk verbally with his son. But Tim had enjoyed a very strong bond with his father.

His parent met and got engaged in 1964 and then they tied a knot on 14th July 1965. Meanwhile, Stephen was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, which later became one of the reasons for their separation. After their separation in 1990, their divorce was finalized in 1995. Soon after they both got remarried, Stephen got married with the nurse, Elaine Mason, and Jane; Tim’s mother got destined with the musician, Jonathan Hellyer.

Rumors About Timothy Hawking

Moreover rumors spread throughout the social media that Timothy is not a biological son of Stephen rather a stepson. It is to be assumed that his real father was Jonathan Hellyer, second husband of his mother, Jane. But Timothy associates himself with Stephen and also obtained his surname. Their association shows the unconditional love and affection of Tim towards his father, Stephen.

Timothy Hawking Career Highlights & Net Worth


Timothy Stephen went to Exter University in England, from where he did his graduation in Spanish and French language. A short time later he moved to the University of Birmingham to seek after higher studies. After completing studies, he works for various small scale companies as an account manager.

Net Worth

Finally, his continuous effort and dedication pay him a lot and he got a chance to work at LEGO, a toy firm, as Loyalty executive. However, he obtained a low profile status unlike his father (Stephen Hawking), whom remarkable work inspires the entire world. His net worth, total assets, salary has not been mentioned or revealed by Timothy Stephen.

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