Where is Celestia Vega? Her wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Discord, Height & More Facts

Celestia Vega is a Twitch and a Youtuber widely Known for her comic talks and adult videos. Because she was most popular some time ago, she doesn’t show up in these days, so we are investigating where is she now. Therefore, the information reflects on her past life, which can help us understand what Celestia is.

Scroll down the article and read on Where is Celestia Vega? Her wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Discord, Height & More Facts. Check her biography and other personal details.

Celestia Vega Biography (Childhood, Early Life, Education)

Celestia Vega was born on 12 August 1998, in New York, the USA so as of 2019 she is 21 years old good looking girl. Regarding her siblings, there is not much information available. However, after spending some time in New York, she was moved to California.


Celestia Vega went to high school in New York, but it’s unclear which high school she went to, though some websites say she suspended the high school because she was feeling strange and uncomfortable. In her video “50 Facts About Me,” Celestia admits that she could not be the part of her classmates and school friends because they always felt strange to me.

She also went to a classical music school for almost 8years, where she played guitar from the age of five, it was her passion to learn guitar.

Celestia Vega Personal life & Relationships

Talking on the personal life of Celestia, she has a lot of different hobbies: She often writes poetry, plays guitar, sings, reads books but she keeps it a secret. Celestia also admitted that she loved watching horror films and experimenting with “all sorts of scary things,” She also watches different programs and conspiracy theories shows. As for sports, Celestia prefers soccer and cross-country skiing.

Celestia Vega once shared with the public about her experience with many traumatic relationships when her boyfriend who treated her very badly, claiming that she did not see and see no reason for the boys to behave in this way. Celestia is currently very proud of her independent sexual life and she admitted that she is on the right way and did not see anything wrong having sex with many other boys.

Celestia stats that she is bisexual by sex & she admits she kissed one of her friends during her school days when she was in 8th grade. Later, she talked about many stories about her sexual relationship with boys girls and said that she loves & having sex with people, whether it is a boy or a girl.

Celestia stressed that she did not undergo plastic surgery and her body and look is 100% natural. This could be probably true because she admitted that she had trypanophobia, and when she was a baby, she screamed, screamed and even lost consciousness when she needed injections or other medical procedures. She tried live streaming of songs when she tried singing son but it did not go well and the main donations for these streams were often around $5 too less.

Celestia Vega Career & Net Worth

Celestia reveals in the video that she has been a fan of video games since she was 3 years old. The first-ever game she played was Freddie Fish.

In 2014 Celestia was introduced to Youtube & Twitch platform and she joined it. She started live streaming and used to play “Oblivion”, “Animal Crossing: Wild World” and Runescape, but he actually chose a game that was completely in the mood she was in. She also Began publishing videos and adult content that sparked a great deal of interest in his personality.

A few years ago Twitch gave Celestia an extra button on her videos, the purpose of the button to get payment from viewers and watchers Twitch has three subscription levels, priced from 994.99, $ 9.99 or more. Maybe 24.99. In one of her video, Celestia became very emotional, especially because of many of her subscribers subscribed to her channel at the same time, when she was streaming and it made Celestia cry for happiness and joy.

Celestia Vega Twitch Career

Celestia was often used to do a live stream with J  Zoie Burgher, another well-known streamer of Twitch and Youtube; A lot of times they both have been seen together in their videos, but when Celestia Vega decided to go for into industry, Zoie found it inappropriate for her gaming team so she removed her from gaming squad. It is interesting to note that Zoey also became interested in porn and she involved herself in the porn industry.

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