Who is Annabella Sciorra? Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Measurements, Family

Annabella Sciorra is a famous actress who began her career decades ago and still plays in many blockbuster films. You probably know her because she participated in “The Sopranos” and “Jungle Fever”, but there are many other things by which one can be impressed. She was born on 29 March 1960, in Wethersfield, Connecticut USA as of 2019 she is 59 years old, she is a famous American actress

Do you know is Annabella Sciorra married or not? How much is her net worth and how many in which she worked? Read the whole article on Who is Annabella Sciorra? Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Measurements, Family and let your day begun.

Annabella Sciorra Biography (Childhood, Early Life & Family)

Annabella Gloria Filomena Schiorra was born on March 29, 1960 in Weathers, Connecticut (USA), into a family of parents of Italian descent who emigrated to Caruncho (Abruzzo, Italy) in 1951 to the United States. Anabella’s father worked as a veterinarian, while her mother worked as a fashion stylist, she also remained a housewife for quite some time

As a child, Annabella showed a genuine interest in art and took dance lessons. When Annabella was 11 years old, her family moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she went to South Shore High School, where she graduated in 1978. Annabella is still very close to her family and for this reason, never left New York. Annabella remembers her childhood to be happy. When she had problems playing the movie The Cure, the director was worried about her condition when she shot him in tragic scenes about the death of the son of the protagonist.


Annabella continued her drama studies at Herbert Berghof’s studio and at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. After graduating in 1980, she shares the same course with future actors such as Diana Delano, Joan Judici, Chris Kincaid and actress Edie Mirman. It is worth noting that Annabella graduated in the same year as Jennifer Granholm, a democratic Canadian-American politician and governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011.

Annabella Sciorra Career Beginnings

Satisfied with her education, confident and ready to start, Annabella got her first role as the daughter of Sophia Loren, Octavia, in the 1988 television series Lucky Pilgrim. The debut was a success, and Annabella was invited to work.

In 1989, she made her debut in her first film, True Love. Critics approve of his talents and beauty and cite them in many articles. For this role, Annabella was nominated for the most promising actress award by the Chicago Film Critics Association and received the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Film in 1990. Annabella first appeared in the film “True Love” due to love scenes, they were very uncomfortable and strange for her.

Further Career

While Playing in Movie “What Dreams May Come” for Robin Williams proved to be a difficult experience for Annabella Sciorra. She sought to fully concentrate on this role and had to fill the lack of energy with the help of her family. In an interview with The Independent, she said she even rented an apartment in San Francisco in order to live with her family and friends while she was working on this movie project. After which Annabella could return to normal life by kissing her niece or nephew. and chat with friends and family to get back to reality

She once told her friend that she felt old after playing in this movie. His friend had to admit that she was tired and feeling worse than before. “I felt like there was a lot of crying, and it would be very difficult to do and be healthy at the end of the day. In the end, I was afraid of what I would do with this character, because I knew I would not show it, “Annabella said of her doubts about her involvement in the film.

Annabella wins a new hit when she was invited to take part in the television series “Soprano” (2001-2004), in which she plays the role of Gloria Trillo, the mistress of the lead character, Tony Soprano. Annabella was also nominated for an Emmy Award for her outstanding performance on the series. Her career was not ended there, she also made appearances in following movies “Chasing Liberty” (2004), “Find Me Guilty” (2006) and “Marvelous” (2006).

Annabella Sciorra Married Life – Personal Life

In 1989 Annabella and actor Joe Petruzzi married. Their marriage was far from ideal because they saw each other too much because of the weight of their work. Joe is working on the TV series “Neighbors”, Police Escape and Secret Weapons. Four years after their marriage, Annabel and Joe divorced in 1993. The couple has not any kids.

After divorcing from an ex-husband she moved on an found a new love, she was in a relationship with Bobby Cannavale, an American actor widely best known for appearing in blockbuster movie “Agents on the Station (2003) and Will also Dance? (2004). The relationship lasted for three years and in 2007, due to some personal issues, the couple divorced without getting married or having any children.

Rape Case – Current Life

In 2017, Annabella Shihara said that in the 1990s, she was (allegedly) raped by film director Harvey Weinstein. The conditions that make Weinstein responsible for sexual exploitation and bullying also occur. She decided that he should no longer be silent, and she knew more about the most unpleasant tendencies of his life. A Great Interview for a New Yorker. In the year, Annabella admits that she was still afraid of threats, obviously, from Weinstein’s inner circle.

Net Worth

By appearing in many movies she made great progress and wealth. Annabella’s total value is estimated at more than $ 3 million, which may increase if she works further and successfully builds her career.

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