Seagull Viral Video Stealing Limelight from Bikini-Clad Woman Danielleedixonn

Danielleedixonn on Tiktok is the bikini-clad girl within the viral seagull video. What occurred? The hilarious video defined. 

Most Tiktok stars work exhausting to go viral on the platform. However, generally folks can get fashionable by luck and humorous coincident. 

The same factor occurred to Tiktoker named Danielleedixonn when a hen determined to interrupt her seaside video. 

Who Is Danielleedixonn On TikTok? 

Danielleedixonn is a Tiktok content material creator.

Danielleedixonn aka actual identify Dani often uploads lip-sync, life-style and vogue movies. Likewise, she has amassed over 3k followers on her Tiktok profile.

The social star is fashionable for her fashionable garments and make-up. In reality, every of her movies will get 1000’s of views.


trusting tik tok to offer this to the right viewers

right where you left me – bonus track – Taylor Swift

Also referred to as Big dan, all of her Tiktoks have a complete of 445.45k hearts. But, Dani is getting huge consideration for her current viral clip. 

Danielleedixonn Viral Seagull Video Explained

Recently, Danielleedixonn has gone viral for her Seagull video.

The Seagull hilariously steals the limelight from bikini-clad girl Danielleedixonn in a viral video. And, folks can’t cease speaking about it.

In the clip, Danielleedixonn captures herself working away from the digital camera in a string bikini on the seaside of San Diego, California. Similarly, the background tune is performed as Lorde’s new single “Solar Power”, through which the singer has an analogous string bikini on the duvet.

As Dani runs the horizon, nonetheless, the highlight will get taken away by a seagull. The hen walks within the digital camera body because the Tiktoker disappears from the video.

The Tiktok ends because the seagull blocks the digital camera and walks away from it. Similarly, Dani captioned the video as “as we speak this seagull let me know that I’m truly not the primary character.”

The video was first uploaded on August 4, 2021. Now, it has over 1.5 million views and greater than 439k likes.

Danielleedixonn Age: How Old Is She?

Danielleedixonn is across the age of her 20s.

In one in every of her TikToks, Dani revealed that she graduated from both highschool or faculty in 2018. Therefore, she can’t be something above her 20s.

Dani has gone via a serious transition through the years. From an harmless lady, she has was a bada** girl. 


why’d this make me kinda unhappy ️

original sound – dani🤠

Furthermore, her current seagull video has definitely bestowed her additional fame. Users have flooded the video with memes and comedian phrases.

The Tiktok has above 2k feedback. Likewise, somebody even jokingly commented, “Adam Sandler wrote it”.


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