Who is Nayyera Haq Husband? Check Her Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Son

Is it impossible to achieve the American dream? By looking at Nayyera Haq success, this is not the case, but not everyone is as lucky as this adorable political activist and talk show host is. She is very curious naturally, not only active in many fields but also is successful.

Do you know Who is the Husband of Nayyera Haq? What is her contribution as a TV Host? Is she married? A lot of questions are to be answered today in this article. Keep reading!

Nayyera Haq Biography (Childhood, Early Life & Education)

In the early 1980s, two Pakistani immigrants settled in Staten Island, New York, USA. She was born on 1st October 1981. Her parents were well settled, her father served as a teacher of a public school, and her mother was a specialist in physics. Nayyera family soon became addicted and integrated into the American way of life. Her parents had good jobs, and they could afford high education and a charming childhood. She belongs to the Islamic religion and as the nationality of American.

Nayyera went to Stuyvesant High School and after completion of matric, she enrolled at the University of Michigan and started learning the history and past affairs. Nayyera was very enthusiastic and later earned a master’s degree in law and journalism in 2008 from the Georgetown University Law Center.

Nayyera Haq Personal Life

Nayyera Haq is currently residing in Maryland, where she is living happily with her child. She is always trying to use her spare time in an interesting and entertaining way. Her height is 5ft 4ins (1.62m) and is 38 years old as of 2019. Not only is Nayyera Haq dedicated her life to family, but also she is doing more in her life like hiking, cooking, diving, traveling, etc.

Nayyera likes to live her personal life away from media. She married to a veterinarian, his name is unknown since he is a public figure. Their wedding year is unknown but the anniversary is celebrated on 29 April. The couple has one child together.

Nayyera Haq Career Highlights

Nayyera at the age of 21 began her career as a media consultant. The first employer she got her first employer she was a girl Nancy Pelosi, currently, in the position of Democratic leader House of Representatives. She was a spokesperson had several problems regarding publicizing her opinion about Muslims of America.

As a popular humanitarian, in 2006, she got the position of National Spokeswoman of the Children’s Defense Fund. Before she got the position of Senior Director of Cabinet Affairs she worked in various government positions at the White House

Nayyera served Senior Advisor \o the United States Department of Foreign Affairs, she was responsible for the solution of critical issues regarding the crises in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

Multi-Talented Lady

As said earlier Nayyera Haq is multi-talented lady, not only this, she is also polyglot and speaks Hindi, Spanish and Urdu very well. She was responsible for making communication easier with foreign countries. In addition, because of her excellent knowledge of national and international affairs, he is often called upon for political programs such as CNN, HBA, etc.

Nayyera Haq Net Worth

For a political expert, such as Nair Hack, the exact annual salary amount is revealed yet, but her salary can be easily estimated because of she active in all fields. In addition, she is the owner and manager of a very successful company. She is surely making a good amount of wealth throughout her career. According to main and authentic sources, her estimated net worth is $3 million.

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