CURLY hair mannequin and influencer Valeria Voronina underwent such a dramatic transformation that people aren’t satisfied it is actual.

The TikToker amassed 31.2 million views on her excessive make-over video the place she goes from a dowdy blotchy girl with a hook nostril to an insta-glam mannequin.

Valeria started out with yellow teeth and blotchy skin


Valeria began out with yellow enamel and blotchy skinCredit: @voronina_valeria_Tiktok

While it is simple Valeria has abilities with a make-up brush, the TikToker undoubtably took steps to make herself look worse in the earlier than shot.

Although, a few of the hundreds of thousands of viewers, assume that the earlier than and after pictures are two totally different people completely.

One mentioned: “It’s not the same person. Just have a look at the nostril.”

While one other added: “You know the way I do know it is not the her, the enamel distinction and I’m not speaking about the color.”

The end result was very different to the starting point


The finish consequence was very totally different to the beginning pointCredit: @voronina_valeria_Tiktok

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