Travis Barker finds girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian to be scrumptious. The 42-year-old shared an attractive photograph from their recent Mexican getaway the place she sat on his lap on outside steps, whereas Travis, 45, passionately kissed her neck. Kourt captioned the August 18 Instagram snapshot, “yummy.”

No marvel Travis was so turned on as a result of what Kourtney was carrying despatched him into an adoring frenzy. She might be seen carrying a black and white vertical striped halter costume with racy open sides that confirmed loads of naked pores and skin. They material was held collectively through crisscrossed black strings that went from the underside of her arms all the way in which down her physique to her ankles, exhibiting that she was going commando beneath her frock.

Kourtney added a pop of vibrant purple lipstick and strappy open-toed heels and wore her newly cut bob hairstyle midway pulled up from the perimeters. She beforehand confirmed off a number of bikini images of the tiny swimwear she wore throughout her journey south of the border with Travis.

The Poosh founder tagged their staircase makeout location as Cabo San Lucas, because the couple flew all the way down to Mexico aboard sister Kylie Jenner‘s personal aircraft on what was Travis’ first expertise with air journey in 13 years.

Travis Barker Kisses Kourtney Kardashian's Neck In PDA-Packed PhotoCourtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

In 2008, the Blink 182 drummer survived a fiery plane crash that left him with burns over 67 p.c of his physique. On his earlier getaways with Kourtney, they took his luxurious tour bus to places in the southwest U.S., since he refused to fly. When his work took him to Europe, Travis would journey by boat, as he was that adamant about not flying ever once more.

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So, it was a very large deal that Kourtney helped Travis muster up the courage to fly again. The couple have been joined by her mother, Kris Jenner, and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, for the temporary getaway to Cabo. Upon their protected return to Southern California on August 17, Travis shared a photograph in entrance of Kylie’s aircraft on the tarmac, holding Kourtney in his arms along with her legs wrapped round his waist because the pair kissed.

“With you something is feasible,” Travis gushed, tagging Kourtney. She responded in the feedback, “Anything and the whole lot with you.” It will need to have been fairly a rush to have the ability to get all the way down to Cabo in somewhat greater than two hours by air, as an alternative of a 27-hour one-way bus journey. Not solely has Travis discovered his soulmate in Kourtney, however she’s additionally helped him discover the power for air journey once more. Just consider all the romantic places they will go to now!


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